The Quest Continues…Drinking beer one day at a time


This may be old news to most of you who follow the micro-brew phenomenon here in Michigan, and it’s not new news to me, but there’s another brewery getting ready for business some time this coming spring in Stevensville. Watermark Kickstarter project has met its goal early, something I invested in for the lifetime membership and engraved mug. I hope this is another great brewery in the midst of so many others (Arclight, The Livery, Cravings, Tapistry, Cultivate, Round Barn’s Public House, Greenbush & Pleasant House, and, also coming soon, Haymarket & Transient Ales) in Berrien County.

PIcture of construction

Construction begins for Watermark


Today is the last day of the “Quest” that begun over 2-1/2 years ago at Greenbush. I have, finally, come to the conclusion that this daily habit costs too much for me to sustain any further. I know, I’m a slow learner. I’ve really have enjoyed the entire experience and will miss my daily excursions to drink good beer with great people. I will be a regular Mug-Club-Monday attendee with the occasional week and/or weekend day tossed in to the mix. Special recognition has to be given to Sarah & Jessie DeCaro, who prepared a wonderful going away tribute. To Nicole Miller, who got me started on this crazy ride, and to the entire Greenbush staff, who I have come to know.

Picture of a Greenbush Dessert

My 1001 Day Treat


Yep, I’m still going strong! I have been busy enjoying the outdoors and the summer weather, so I have neglected keeping up with this blog. I really don’t see that changing for the next month or two, either, but I will post occasionally just to reaffirm my existence.

On to some news: The Livery will be celebrating their tenth year this weekend with special bottle releases and other events. They are the first micro-brewery that I went to in this area, and the first mug club that I joined. Check them out if your in the Benton Harbor area.

Speaking of mug clubs; I joined another one at a brand new brewery in Berrien Springs. Cultivate opened their doors just a few, short weeks ago and are definitely worth a stop on the beer trail. They are located in the middle of wine country, so there should be something for both the wine and beer lovers. If you join their mug club it’s only $50 for a life time membership and you get a really cool ID, too!

Picture of Membership ID

Really cool ID!


WTF! Did I miss something? What happened to Spring? Looks like I’m going to have to find out; good thing it’s Mug-Club day at Tapistry (also at The Livery)! What the heck, I might as well make sure that I didn’t miss anything and go to Greenbush, too!


No, I haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth. Yes, I have ignored my blog for a week, but am still on track. And, Yes! It’s Monday, which is now not quite as good as in the past Let me explain, although there’s not much to be said. Yes, Greenbush still has specials for mug club members, half off groups A & B beers in case you didn’t remember. Tapistry, though, doesn’t have $2 TierIII beer on Mondays, starting last Monday. Bummer! But I’ll sojourn on the road to daily beer.


Come on by Greenbush to see Brittney (Mrs. Romeo) on her last day bartending. Speaking of last days, Blake Murray had his at Greenbush, yesterday. No worries, though, as he’ll be at Burn ‘Em Brewing full time, so you can see in there.

Just six days to the fund raiser for Laura Campbell. Don’t forget.


I did miss yesterday’s post, but I have a good excuse. Below is a picture of a 20′ tower that I put up, which took most of Friday, and a little bit of a previous day, to complete:

Picture of a tower

The first of two Hop Towers

And, don’t forget that Burn ‘Em Brewing will not be opening their tasting/to-go room until May 9, which, fittingly, corresponds to Steev and Blake’s father’s birthday. What a great tribute!

See ya at Greenbush and Tapistry a little later today!


It’s tax day! After mailing your tax forms, why not take the few dollars that may be left and join me at Greenbush for Shears & Beers Fund-Razor, and the release of Sunspot ($2 off growler fills for Mug-Club Members today, too). At least you may leave feeling a little better and have an additional deduction for next year’s tax filing.


Back to the present. And here-we-go. Much better, for one thing! And, as I mentioned in my Twitter feed, Burn ‘Em Brewing will have their tasting-Togo facility ready to go on April 25 at their production location in Michigan City on Freyer Rd.


What the…!? This cold really knocked me for a loop yesterday the main reason this is going up one day late. Nothing really to say, except that I did miss the beer festival at the Blue Chip Casino. Oh well, maybe next year?


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