The Quest Continues…Drinking beer one day at a time


Chinooks are transplanted, in addition to the Cascades that Kevin removed from his now temporary home and gave to me. Of course, they are in their own little zone.

Picture of ground where hops are

Newly transplanted Chinook Hops

And, today is the 150th anniversary of the end of the American Civil War between the states.

All of the above warrants going to Tapistry and Greenbush.


Yep, it’s another Mug-Club Tuesday at Tapistry and The Livery. All current members should take their assigned positions at the bar.

Finally, thanks to Bruce C, I took the very short drive east on Shawnee for a glimpse of a new brewery under construction. The name of this new brewery: Cultivate Brewing Company, a name which I’m sure was chosen, at least in my humble opinion, because of the hop field they have in place adjacent to the brewery. If the sign that’s posted near the entrance is any indicator, then me, and anyone else, will be able to enjoy the fruits of another local brewery.

Picture of new Brewery

Cultivate Brewing Co


Spring begins at 6:45pm tonight; it must be time to take flight.

Tapistry is releasing their barrel-aged Burn the Witch and double IPA Bring da Ruckus today, both in bottles and on tap. I’ll be there to partake, how ’bout you?

If your interest are more towards the arts, you may want to take advantage of New Territory Arts Association spring art hop in Benton Harbor. Don’t worry, if you get a little thirsty because The Livery is right there to quench.


Where did everyone go?

Nate, Head Brewer at Tapistry, told me that they are releasing bottles tomorrow, and on tap, of their new Double IPA, Bring Da Ruckus, and one of their past brews, Burn The Witch, but this time aged in wine barrels. I’ve tasted both of these; the DIPA is right up my taste alley, and the Witch is much better to my palate then before the barrel aging. Do your self a favor and just stop in on Friday and try them both.


A little bit more information about the canning news at Tapistry that I had mentioned in yesterday’s post. Nate, Tapistry’s head brewer, told me that they’ll be brewing 30 barrel batches of both Mr. Orange & Reactor in the next couple of weeks with canning to take place by the first week in April. Here’s hoping that they can stay on schedule.

I went on a little road trip this morning to Michigan City in search of some 4 packs of Burn ‘Em brew. I have had good fortune in the past with Trail Creek Liquors, so there is where I went. The last time I made this same trip Trail Creek had opened at 10 am EST, so I timed my adventure so I would get there about then. Well, I got there a 10 minutes before 10 to find that they were not only closed, but didn’t open until 11am. Crap! So I looked up their mother store King Richards Liquors which, according to what I could find on the internet, opened at 10 am. I arrived a few minutes late at the second stop only to find a delivery driver waiting for them to open at 10 am, so I waited. And waited, and waited some more. I waited until 10:45 am and still no one to open the store had arrived. The delivery driver, now joined by another delivery truck and driver, were still waiting when I left. Long story short, I didn’t come home with any Burn ‘Em, or any others’ beer. Bummer!


Tuesday means Taco Tuesday at Greenbush & Tapistry, and Mug-Club day at The Livery and Tapistry. Seems like a person can’t go wrong today.

Speaking of right things; Tapistry looks like they’re close to canning a couple of their beers.

Picture of two cans of beer

Mr Orange & Reactor in Cans


Mondays are not going to be the same at Greenbush without Lindsey. Don’t be a stranger, Lindsey!

Picture of Lindsey and Nicole

Nicole & Lindsey


I’m a little down about this, actually, I really bummed about it; Lindsey Clements, who seems to have worked for Greenbush in their taproom for what seems to be forever, is no longer employed by them. I wish her all the best in her future endeavors, and hope that she stops in every-once-in-a-while for a beer as a customer.

It’s supposed to be in the low 20s today at the Winter Beer Festival in Grand Rapids, but as I look at my handy-dandy thermometer it’s registering a balmy 6 degrees F. Brrrr!


It ain’t looking good for going out today, what with the snow coming down and blowing which makes visibility near zero a good deal of the time. Stay tuned for updates.

Picture of Snow

White Out


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