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Don’t worry, I’m not missing in action, I’m just a little bit busy, or is that lazy? Especially pertaining to daily posting on this-here-blog. See you at Tapistry and Greenbush!

Before I forget: Greenbush will be celebrating its 4th anniversary on Wednesday, June 10 with all day specials and contests, plus a special release on tap and in bottles. Should be pretty good, so do make some time to stop by and have a pint or two.


Yes, it’s still going!

Just a few notes: Some of my favorite, local, breweries will have special hours for this Memorial Day Monday. Such as Arclight Brewing in Water Vliet, which will be open from 11 am – 11 pm EDT; Burn ‘Em Brewing, whose tasting/to-go room will be open from 10 am – 2 pm CDT; and, The Livery, which will open its doors at noon EDT. Of course, Greenbush will have normal hours (Also it’s Mug-Club Monday with 1/2 priced Groups A & B Beers), as well as Tapistry. Where ever you go and whatever you do, please be responsible and safe.


WTF! Did I miss something? What happened to Spring? Looks like I’m going to have to find out; good thing it’s Mug-Club day at Tapistry (also at The Livery)! What the heck, I might as well make sure that I didn’t miss anything and go to Greenbush, too!


No, I haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth. Yes, I have ignored my blog for a week, but am still on track. And, Yes! It’s Monday, which is now not quite as good as in the past Let me explain, although there’s not much to be said. Yes, Greenbush still has specials for mug club members, half off groups A & B beers in case you didn’t remember. Tapistry, though, doesn’t have $2 TierIII beer on Mondays, starting last Monday. Bummer! But I’ll sojourn on the road to daily beer.


It’s Monday, once again, so that has got to mean a fun day. What do I mean? I mean that Tapistry has $2 TierIII beers and it’s Mug-Club day at Greenbush, that’s what I mean! The only difference for this Monday, and the next, is that I won’t be meeting with my buddy, Bruce, who is in Montana for a graduation. Does this mean that I have to cover for him? It’s tough enough just to cover me, so I think not.


There was a good crowd at Greenbush for Laura Campbell on Tuesday, at least when I was there and from what I heard from others. Good turn out should equate to a great fund raiser; I don’t really know as I haven’t heard any figures for the amount of money raised, but I’m sure it was really good. Not only did Greenbush put up 50% of their take and with 100% of the raffle money going to Laura, but all of the servers donated their tips, too. Wow!

Today there is a very special opening, at least one I have been anxiously awaiting. Burn ‘Em Brewing is opening their tasting/to-go room at 10am CDT. Debbie and I are going to be there by early afternoon, so why not you?

And while you are in Indiana, why not take a trip east to Granger for the Inaugural Indiana Michigan Craft Beer May Fest. I’m not going, but that shouldn’t prevent you from going and enjoying.

Picture of Mayfest information

Indiana Michigan Craft Beer Mayfest


It’s going to be a wonderful weekend, at least as far as the weather is concerned, so get out and enjoy. One stop you might want to make may be Pleasant House in Three Oaks, where Gloria, who is their head brewer, will be holding a demonstration of a small-batch brew in celebration of National Homebrew Day. Sounds like fun!

And…Four days to the Fund Raiser for Laura Campbell. Make it there if you can, please!

Picture of Poster

Fund Raiser event for Laura Campbell


No excuses, I just forgot. Now, let’s move on to today, which happens to be the best day of the month. I know this is going to sound like a broken record, and that makes sense as I’m still stuck in the same groove. You know the drill: First I’ll meet with Bruce at Tapistry for $2 TierIII beers and lunch, then off to Greenbush for half-prices Groups A & B beers for Mug-Club members. Yes!

Speaking of Greenbush: There will be an event to raise funds for Laura Campbell, who has been dealing with cancer for the past 15 years. Recently she had been diagnosed and treated for a small cancerous tumor in her brain the result of metastasis. Here are the details, so far, that the organizer of this event, Emily Kamp, has told me.

“Hi Lloyd! Right now the plan is 4-close Tuesday, May 5th. Greenbush will be giving back 50% of our total sales to Scott & Laura to take a family trip to Disney. Posters should be going up Monday or Tuesday. Please help spread the word! Would love to get as many people to come into Greenbush that night as possible

“We’ll also be doing a raffle & money raised for tickets will also go to Scott/Laura… Possibly some t-shirts too”

If you can, please attend this event to help this wonderful woman attain a dream, or two and more.

Picture of Laura Campbell

Laura Campbell


I did miss yesterday’s post, but I have a good excuse. Below is a picture of a 20′ tower that I put up, which took most of Friday, and a little bit of a previous day, to complete:

Picture of a tower

The first of two Hop Towers

And, don’t forget that Burn ‘Em Brewing will not be opening their tasting/to-go room until May 9, which, fittingly, corresponds to Steev and Blake’s father’s birthday. What a great tribute!

See ya at Greenbush and Tapistry a little later today!


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