The Quest Continues…Drinking beer one day at a time


Let the holiday partying continue! Debbie and I will be at Greenbush for lunch followed by a stop at Tapistry for a mid-afternoon pint. If you dare, come and join us!

Just a little reminder, or notice: Greenbush will be having a brunch menu and open earlier in the day on Sunday for your morning pleasures. Debbie and I will be there for this, too.


Today is the winter solstice with something to help you to stay warm on day 21 of the Greenbush Advent Calendar brings us: Remnant of Dragon an Imperial Red India Pale Ale.

Picture of a bottle of beer

Remnant of Dragon an Imperial Red India Pale Ale

If you got the time then you may want to have brunch at Greenbush this morning, which is where I’m going in just a few.


Greenbush will be open this Sunday for breakfast starting at 8:00am. Some of the items offered will be bloody beers and chicken and waffles. Go to their Facebook page for more details

Look at what day 19 of the Greenbush Advent Calendar brings us: Barrel-Aged Doom Slayer an ale brewed with maple sap & aged in whiskey barrels.

Picture of a bottle of beer

Barrel-Aged Doom Slayer an Ale aged in Whiskey Barrels


It’s Tuesday, so get yourselves out to The Livery and/or Tapistry and enjoy all of the benefits bestowed to Mug Club members.

Day 16 of the Greenbush Advent Calendar brings us: Broken Promises a Wheat IPA.

Picture of a bottle of beer

Broken Promises a Wheat IPA


Day 13 of the Greenbush Advent Calendar brings us: Pain an Imperial Milk Stout. If you have too many of these you will definitely have pain.

Picture of a bottle of beer

Pain an Imperial Milk Stout

If you got your ticket to the “Beeracle on Lake Street” at Tapistry. then don’t forget that it starts at 6:00PM tonight. Also, it seems that they still have some tickets left for sale. I’d say if that you can, then just do it! You’ll have no regrets.


Day 6 of the Greenbush Advent Calendar brings us: One and the Same an ale brewed with raspberries. How refreshing!

Picture of a bottle of beer

One & the Same an ale brewed with raspberries

Don’t forget that Greenbush’s Christmas Party starts tonight at 6:00pm, (at 5:00pm for mug-clubbers). Debbie and I are going to be there and we hope to see you, too!

Speaking of parties; The Livery is having their winter party today that they are calling December Darkness. It goes from the time they’re open, which is 11:30am, until they close, and features a bottle release and a bunch of barrel-aged beers on tap. Debbie and I will be there early this afternoon.

It’s starting to look like a very busy day.

There’s a chili cook-off in Bridgman this afternoon, for which I really don’t have any links and few details, but I do believe Tapistry is involve in some way or the other. Even if they’re not, you should come down and try a glass of Cryil Figgis, or Batch 100 while sampling chilis at a tent near Eric’s & the railroad tracks.


Today’s itinerary:

–11:00AM: Pick up coffee at Infusco
–11:05AM: Beep horn & wave at Greenbush Employees
–11:20AM: Meet Bruce at Tapistry for lunch and beers ($2 TierIII Beers on Monday)
–1:00PM: Continue enjoying Monday at Greenbush (Mug-Club Monday)
–3:00PM: Limp home


Debbie and I had a wonderful time at Nate and Brenda’s house celebrating Thanksgiving! I also wanted to give a ‘heads up’ to Tapistry as they gained at least one more person who appreciates their beer. Well, one of their beers, that being the Batch 100 Russian Imperial Stout. Several of my family liked it, especially Adam; he liked it so much that he asked me to get him some more, and more he’ll get.

Today is the last day of November, and it’s the last day of Movember, too. Here’s my last mustache picture for one month’s growing.

Picture of me on November 30

Movember 30 and this is what I get?


The day after Thanksgiving which means Black Friday, crowds and shopping, at least for some. For me, it means a black IPA, stout, and/or porter. Maybe something like a Bourbon Barrel Aged Steel Wheels from The Livery; a Hail to the Darkness at Arclight; a Peck’s Porter at Tapitry; or an Anger at Greenbush. Whatever drink and where ever you decide to relax, it’s gotta be better than getting up before dawn and dealing with all of the bargain hunters.

Speaking of dark, how about these canned beauties from Burn ‘Em?

Picture of cans of Beer

Joey Wheat brewed with Infusco Coffee Roasters Kenyan roast & 3:33 Black IPA

Here’s what I’ll like after my forage in to dark beers:

Picture of me on November 28

Movember 28

I almost forgot all about this: Don’t forget to pick up your Greenbush advent calendar, if you were one of the lucky ones.


Monday! Monday! Monday! Monday! Monday !Monday! Monday! Monday! Monday! Monday! Monday! Monday!

Picture of me on November 24

Movember 24 before Monday Run


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