The Quest Continues…Drinking beer one day at a time


The beer day starts out at Greenbush with a Dunegräs and a bowl of cauliflower-blue cheese soup. How very yummy!

A stop by the Somewhat busy Tapistry, then how to football, and, maybe, a nap.

I’m going to have a sandwich at the Tapistry, the government shutdown be damned! I think it’ll be a brewben, and they do have it. Cheers!

Gonna to make my two tap stops, then back to the homestead for some Roger’s home made sausage. I can hardly wait.

Breakfast on the beach, food and a couple of Bloody Marys…a rye ale at Tapistry…Then, a raspberry ale at Greenbush. Can some one hand me an aspirin?

Gotta a cheese pizza at Greenbush yesterday, it was good but, and I hate to say it, not great.


I’ve been stuck on the Black Swan, a blackberry wheat, but now I just had a sample of the raspberry ale called One and the Same. Guess what I’m having next?


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