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Greenbush is having a Christmas party on December 6; Tickets go on sale at 6:00 PM on November 19. You can find more information on their Facebook page. Debbie and I are going to be there, and maybe Bruce, too. If you didn’t attend last year’s party, then you don’t know what you missed, and I’m sure this year’s party will be just as good if not better.

Picture of me on November 15

Movember 15


Before I post my daily, silly, Movember picture, I would like to raise my glass on this Veteran’s Day and say THANK YOU to all who have (and are currently serving) served in the Armed Forces of the United States. If any of you Veterans see me at Greenbush or Tapistry today, I would be more than happy to buy you a beer.

Don’t forget that it’s Mug-Club Tuesday at The Livery and Tapistry.

Pic of me on November 11

Movember 11 Thank a Veteran today


I’ve been so wrapped up with the politics of this past election that I forgot that this is mainly about things beer. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for disagreement, or even a friendly argument. The best thing, though, is when the sparring is over there’s always a good craft beer to drink.

Tapsitry has two new beers coming out in the next few weeks. First, on November 14, there will be a new batch of a SMaSH called Hoponacci, this time with Amarillo hops. Then, on November 26, a Russian Imperial Stout called Batch 100, which will also be available in 750ml bottles. This one should be just in time to keep you warm during the cold and snow of late fall and winter.

Pict of me on the 6th of Nov

The stubble is getting stubblier


Today is the mid-term elections, so make sure to vote for your chosen candidates, twice if you’re in Chicago. Then, because voting is so arduous, go to your favorite brew-pub and enjoy a fine ale and/or lager. May I suggest Tapistry or The Livery as both of them have their mug-club specials today. Now that’s special!

Just a note: Today is the 4th day of Movember.

Picture of me trying to grow a moustache

Four days. Where’s the moustache?


A very uneventful Halloween for me and Debbie, although we did split a bomber of Burn ‘Em’s Happy Brewdha. My first taste of this truly tasty ale, and definitely a sipping beer. We both enjoyed it very much.

Now for something completely different!

This is how I started the month of Movember. That’s not a typo:

Picture of me with and without beard

Before & After shaving for Movember


Tonight at Tapistry is the chocolate/beer pairing for some of the few, lucky, mug club members. Also, there will be two different pumpkin ales on tap, one of which has peppercorns, thyme and habanero peppers. Tasty and spicy, indeed. I’ll be there, and so will Debbie.

I did tweet this, yesterday, but I’m going to mention it again, just because I can: The now vacant State Police station in Bridgman is to be converted in to a brewery by the founders of Haymarket, according to The Herald Palladium. I have only two thoughts on the matter: They better by good, which I think they will, and I hope they don’t have a negative effect on Tapistry.

For giving a bottle of Burn ‘Em’s Happy Brewdha to Phil at Tapistry, I got these, two bottles of Schlafly’s Tasmanian IPA:

Picture of bottles of beer

Schlafly’s Tasmanian IPA


It might seem a little chilly now, but that’s not going to stop Greenbush’s Second Annual Golf outing from occuring on the 28th of this month. More details can be found here: And, if you are a Mug Club member or attended last year’s event there’s a discount of $10. You’ll find the code in their newsletter.

Speaking of dropping some cash on a cause, how about buying one of these growlers from Tapistry for the Hops for Hope cancer research. The entire $5.00 goes to the research on cancer. Don’t forget to get a pint of ale and to fill the growler with a favorite beer.

Hops for Hope


On this thirteenth anniversary of 9/11 I raise my mug of Tapistry’s Lupilin Luv to all of those who were killed that day, as well as all of our brave soldiers and first responders who have kept us safe since then. And, let’s not forget those who have lost their lives serving their communities and country without regard to their own safety. Please don’t forget to take a few moments to remember.


Well, this is a little bit embarrassing. Yesterday, I left Greenbush with out paying my tab, Bad, Bad, Boy! I did call them and explain the situation so let’s see what they’ll do to me when I show up a little later today.

Btw, Joe, one of the co-owners of Tapistry, was on tv early this morning. Check it out: Tapistry on TV.

And speaking of Tapistry, it’s Mug-Club Tuesday, so get your collective mugs down here and enjoy!


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