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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Some nice changes here at the Greenbush, including some new drywall in the kitchen tape and mudded, and, new shelves for the mug clubber’s mugs.


And, there are pavers going down in the “new” beer garden, too.


The weather has certainly turned much warmer, and more humid, for my quest extension. There might be some t-storms, hail and the chance of severe weather later this afternoon, but nothing like Tornado Oklahoma City , I hope. Good thing I got some more of the garden planted.

And, I’m so glad that I have the time to stop in at Greenbush, especially on Monday.

All I can think of at this moment, are twelve, fine-spring-loaded needles. It must mean that I need another beer.

Got the Cherry Bomb peppers in the ground, topped with black plastic to keep the ground warm & moist. Then, some mowing for a little while before coming to Greenbush to wet my whistle.

Life can be such a bitch at times ☺

Sweet potato plants are in the ground, and I am now here solving the world’s problems, one beer at a time.

I really should be doing one, or two, more important things than sitting and drinking beer at my favorite brew-pub.

See ya tomorrow.

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