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Monthly Archives: May 2013

156 days is not as long as 33 years of marriage. I’ll let others to read in between the lines.
Happy Anniversary Debbie!


Wedding Day 5-10-80

What is one supposed to say about doing the same thing every-fricking-day? Well, I don’t know what “one” would say, but I say, it’s fricking great!

A sandwich cut in thirds? I should think not!

Another beautiful day for a ride to Greenbush. What this? What happening to the beer taps?

Hopefully, they will be back soon


Another beautiful day! Shame on me for not riding bike to Greenbush. That, though, didn’t stop me from buying flowers for Jen’s birthday, just like I did for Lindsey’s birthday, yesterday.

Funny, in an ironic way, but I saw Scott when I was at Hardings, just a few minutes before heading to Greenbush. OK! Maybe not that ironic.

Some beer and a sandwich is going to help ease the pain of digging up bulbs and trees, then planting them later today.

So many new people working at Greenbush whose names’ I’ll have to commit to memory. I’ll start with Cory, who is waiting on us right at this moment.

A nothing like drinking a Dunegras, watching the Derby, and just enjoying the great people at Greenbush.

And, there is some progress in the form of bar expansion. A wall has been built.


It’s, also, free-comic-day, so get ’em while they’re hot!
Free Comic Book Day

You know that it’s a crazy thing doing this crazy-thing. For instance, there might be a tattoo in my future . Now, that’s crazy-talk!

Oh yeah! And where has Jill been hiding for the past couple of weeks?

Speaking of hiding…Matt & Wife weren’t.


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