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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Debbie and I started today’s adventure at Jean Klock Park for breakfast on the beach with friends, only the friends didn’t show up. Still fun, though.

From there, we went to Lincoln Township Beach for some beach combing. Stupid rocks! We did collect a bunch for the growing rock garden.

Now, we are at Greenbush for the lunch that we shouldn’t be needing.


My birthday-day was so very nice from the start to the finish.

My daughter, Jessica, and my Baby Girl, Thank You so much for being there!

Debbie is just a rock, and I mean that in a good way!

Bruce is just silly, or, at least, his card was.

The Livery…Thanks!


Always good to be appreciated,  or something like that.

I don’t know if I heard this correctly, but it’s rumored that the main tap room will move from the basement to the upstairs. I think that would be so great!

I saw Jill, yesterday, for the first time in months, and, now, today I see her smiling face again, this time busy working. Welcome back Jill!

Look at that! A new door to the beer garden, courtesy of Scott.



The new IPA at Greenbush is called Starchicken Shotgun. Duh!

Nikki seems to have had a not so great weekend. It seems that the Subaru, that she bought just a few months ago, had some major engine problems on the way home, Sunday. Crap! But she still has the big smile, as always.

It’s not all bad news, though, at least Greenbush has short pour bottles for silly low prices. Grab ’em while they last.

I don’t know why I had forgotten to make an entry for yesterday, but late is better than nothing, I think. Maybe it’s because Greenbush had a new ipa on the board, the name of which I have also forgotten. Crap!

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