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Monthly Archives: June 2013

The days are getting shorter, and so am I. Tomorrow will be the 200th day of this quest. I wonder if I should extend it further, or should I stop to give some other poor sucker a chance to beat my record? Any suggestions?

A big crane putting some large object on top of the Greenbush brewery. What’s up with that? More expansion? An addition? Who knows? It’s summer like weather and I’m drinking beer.

The kitchen is coming together right before my eyes. Will it be done soon?

It’s fun to watch Scott playing with all the new toys. I really think that he feels like a kid in a candy store.

Enough of that crap, let’s drink some beer! Especially since summer has finally arrived with some decent weather.

So much to do. I’m pulled between the two brew-pubs I like the most, The Livery and Greenbush. I did make my usual stop at Greenbush, but the Livery was the place to be tonight. You know, it was the Summer-Solstice-Mug-Club Party, and, yep, it was great!

Please make sure to remember that special Dad this weekend, I sure will be doing the same.

It’s kinda funny that on a Saturday I’m sitting by myself at Greenbush. To make matters a little worse, Nicole isn’t here, either. Plus, the dogs are missing Debbie, but she’ll be back tomorrow, so no worries there.

I must be spending too much time here, as I had totally ignored the Livery Mug Club party that is scheduled to take place this next Tuesday. I even thought that they weren’t sending me updates, which turned out to be my bad not theirs. Oh we’ll.

The Livery does have a new, and very cool, snifter-type glass, which Mikey show cased for me a little earlier today. Check it out!


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