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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Getting so very close to the 200th day, and what better way to celebrate than to win the Gteenbush-Employee look-alike contest. Thanks!

Picture of Adam and I

Unfortunately, I’m blurry and shorter than I thought.

I’m surprised that I made it today, especially after mixing beer and tequila, in the form of Margaritas. It’s the nice thing about long days and warm weather.

I can’t believe it! The stalls and partitions are done in the restrooms. How long does it normally take to remodel two restrooms?

That’s two day in a row that I have put 13x in the topic. I guess a three and an eight do look similar, but they are so far apart on the keyboard. Dyslexic, I suppose.

Well, here I am at the start of the second half here at Greenbush. Time surely flies when fun is to be had.

Well, I did it! I made it through half a year of daily attendance at Greenbush. It’s all down hill from here.

I’m looking at some more progress in the Greenbush kitchen. Lookin very nice, even if it’s taking so very long to complete.

Today I’m just two days away from the half year mark. That’s right, I really don’t have a life. Ok, I really do, but it’s kinda hard to tell that from my actions.


Mug club Monday, you would think that I could remember that I have to make some kinda inane comment…Wouldn’t you?

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