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Monthly Archives: July 2013

It’s so amazing! I didn’t think that the road would turn into an endless loop. What?!

I just heard from Olivia at the Tapistry that Round Barn’s brewery has opened in downtown Baroda.

Congrats Greenbush! New kitchen up and running.

I start another day on the long road to the ultimate quest. Before that, I’m quenching my thirst at the Tapistry, on mug club Tuesday, with Ryem or Reason.

That road is so long that I had to stop at Greenbush along the way. I didn’t realize how long this road is.

At the Tapistry at this moment, and I can report that they now have a limited selection of sandwiches. There are four of them consisting of Smoked Turkey and Gouda, Pastrami and Swiss, Pulled Pork, & a Four Cheese Grilled cheese.

Gotta finish my Ryem or Reason so I can make it to Greenbush in time to meet with Bruce. It’s mug club day, don’t you know?

It should be about the good times and beer…friends and the right place can do that in a heart beat.

It must have been one hectic day as I forgot to make an entry for yesterday. Anyway, I did make to Greenbush around 6pm to, hopefully, keep the streak going.

A little drama at the Tapistry today, it seems that their credit card mechanism isn’t working. A trip across the street to an ATM took care of my needs here for now. It seems that their Internet is down, too. I guess it all makes sense now.

Greenbush…very crowded. I’m wondering if they got their kitchen approved by the health department?

Just heard that a new brew pub will be opening in Hartford called the Arc Light. Can’t hardly wait!

The rut continues…I get up, do some work, then I’m on my way to visit the two closest brew pubs to me. Of course, I’m starting at the Tapistry with a Ryem and Reason. Wow! I’m so diverse!

Made it to Greenbush just in time to see the major cleaning for the health inspector’s visit.

Stay tuned for the my entry on Saturday, it should be interesting.


I’m already in a rut, or is the rut just getting deeper? First there’s a stop at the Tapistry, which, no doubt, will be followed by a visit to Greenbush. See ya’ll there later!

Just when you finally make a new goal things beyond my control may be putting a end to all of that. Crap!

Well, it does seem that I’m trying to set a record at the Tapistry, even though they don’t know it right now. So far I’m up to 7 days in a row. Right now I’m enjoying their Ryem or Reason, which has become my favorite beer here.

No! I didn’t forget about Greenbush, ’cause I’m here right now.

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