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A beautiful day for breakfast on the beach today…I guess that calls for some beer at Greenbush and, just maybe, the Tapistry.

So glad to see Sara back at work and to her that her son is doing well after his encounter with a car last weekend.

Well, what do I do now that the Tistry is open? Do I start a streak there? I’ll let the fans, of which there seems to be few, decide this pressing decision.

Last, but not least, who put money in my mug at the Tapistry? Well, whoever it was, thanks!

The Livery has some really cool changes in the works; check out the cool new taps and menu board in the, soon to be, new main bar upstairs.



It’s really crowded at Greenbush today, but not too bad for a hot Friday afternoon. It’s definitely good to know people in high places on a day like this.

And what the heck! I just left Greenbush, stopped at Infusco for a hot cup of joe, and, for some strange reason, end up at the Tapistry. Is there any hope for me?


Tough couple of days, ok not that tough. I  had a great time at the Tapistry last night, and even brought home a growler of their RYEm or Reason rye pale ale. Whew!

picture of my mug

Then, today, I met Bruce at the Tapistry at 11am. Whew, again!

PIcture of my almost finsihed flight of beers

This is going to be a tough schedule to keep, and a beer belly to lose. No picture, sorry.

And, Yes! I did make to Greenbush today and enjoyed a pint of their Emptiness. So sorry my belly.


Tonight the Tapistry opens it doors to their mug club members for beer, food, a tour and fun, I hope.

Greenbush has their Emptiness back on tap, a wheat beer brewed with fresh apricots. I’m having one right now, and all I can say is right on!

Just two more days to the opening of Tapistry Brewing, only one more day if you are a mug clubber. Hopefully it will be $100.00 well spent.

What will I do with Greenbush, if Tapistry is really good? I’ll just have to spread myself our real thin, I supposed.

This just in: The Livery is getting its New draft system system installed today. Cool! cant wait to see it!

After having two really good beers from Odd side, a Citra Pale Ale & a Simcoe Sensation session ale, at the breakfast on the beach, I’m hanging out at my usual haunt Debbie and a Dünegrass.

Speaking of the beach, we actually had breakfast near the Paw Paw river, as Jean Klock was as much as a garbage dump as a beach. Stupid!

A difference a week does make, Greenbush is not busy at all. Perfect time to get off that stinking Warren Dunes and head to the nearest brew pub. Or, check out Jean Klock in Benton Harbor a beautiful beach that seems to be a hidden treasure. Then, after sucking up sun sun and fun, head over to The Livery. You can’t go wrong with them. Great beer, food and people!

I know that I had already mentioned this, but, at the risk of being repetitive, I’ll mention it again.
The Tapistry will open its doors on July 18 at 11am. Be there!

And, if that’s not enough, The Livery will be moving their main tap room upstairs. Now that’s an improvement!

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