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This just in: greenbush runs out of the little shrink wrap seals for growlers, now reverting to yellow tape.


Burn ‘Em Brewing has just got their state liquor license. Congratulations!

Drove by the Tapistry in Bridgman, and the Round Barn in Baroda this morning. They both look like they are very close to being open. Can’t wait!

It seems that you can still get partial fill bottles here at greenbush, you just got to ask, which I’ll do today.

Hot, muggy, and I got my Husky rider back, after giving up $350.00. No matter, all is cooler and better at Greenbush.

Wow! After a very long day, yesterday, the details of which I won’t bore you with, I, once again, find myself at Greenbush on mug club Monday. A little less busy than last week, but still very muh a summer time crowd.

Infusco Coffee. Check
Egg McMuffin. Check
Breakfast on the beach. So righteous! Check
Greenbush and seeing Matt and Angie. Check.

What’s next? Sara’s funday-Sunday? Could be…

Another day at Greenbush just before going to my nephews’ grad party.

A little inside news about Tapistryin Bridgman; I spoke to Greg and Joe early this morning, while they were painting the ceiling of the entrance, and they told me that they are hoping to be open in a couple of weeks. I sure hope that is true. Btw, has anyone tasted their beer? That is one question I should have asked them, is where can I sample their brews?

It took me  a week, but I finally got Debbie and I a Hawks championship shirt.

I just came from the Livery, where it was nice and relaxed, to Greenbush pandemonium, not quite as messy as that, but definitely very crowded.

Now, I can understand why one would bare the lines and the crowd for good beer, but I really don’t understand waiting to get into Warren Dunes. Really? There are so many great beaches here, like Lincoln Township, and Jean Klock, which, usually don’t require a wait, and are very nice. Go figure.

What a bunch of lunatics waiting on Red Arrow to enter Warren Dunes! Not so crazy getting into Greenbush, though.

Lincoln Township beach was so nice this morning, and no wait.

Lincoln Township Beach

Lincoln Township Beach

HAPPY 4th!!!

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