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Monthly Archives: August 2013

It seems that my mower is as challenged as I. More beer here!

Tapistry just released a Lapsang Souchong Mole with my ghost peppers. Wow! This stuff is pretty good!


Some new seating, although, not quite finished, at Greenbush.


Michigan sunshine makes the Tapistry look so good. Really? Do you think I need an excuse?

Thirty one days. What will the Tapistry record be?

Here I am…100 days to the completion of a year.

Mikey G! I can’t believe he showed up at the Tapistry. Cheers! Btw, I owe Olivia a beer. She had more faith in Mikey than I.

Just arrived at Greenbush, and what do I see? Or, more correctly, what don’t I see? A wall would be the answer. They are expanding the seating area.

Now, I need to buy Olivia a beer.


Wow! What a Sunday morning breakfast! Lots of people and lots of food. I really don’t know how I’m going to finish this beer at the Tapsitry. Then, I have to go to Greenbush and drink another beer there. Oh my, life is so demanding at times. 🙂

Check out the new mugs from the Tapistry.


Well, funerals are never fun to go to, at least for me, but the way the day starts can make sadness that much easier to deal with. Cheers! For the Tapistry.

Starting the day at The Livery with a Rocket Man, a lager. Yummy!

Just arrived at the Tapistry to find out that I’m the second customer of the day, and this is at 1:30pm. Hopefully, this improves soon.

Btw, 26 consecutive days here. What will my Tapistry name be?

Star Chicken to end today’s journey. Yep!

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