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Nate & Mike agreed to put some of my ghost peppers in a, at the time of this writing, beer to be named later. Stay tuned for further updates. Btw, I did say I would at least try the results. Maybe I should consult my doctor first ;-).

And what could be better than a golf outing from Greenbush. Mug club members only, but that’s ok, ’cause there’s a bunch of us. Here’s the Link:

This one is for my Dad, who lost his wife this morning. Cheers, Dad!

I picked some Ghost Peppers yesterday…Is there anyone who would dare use them?

Starting to get things more back to normal,l at least I’m getting some yard work done before resumption of my quest. Good thing I don’t have to go far now that The Tapistry is there to break up the so very long, 8 whole miles, trip to Greenbush.

Steve was leaving for the greener pastures of  Burn Em’, but Pete put a delay on  that…Hang in there Pete!

A new beer on tap at the Tapistry, Batcountry Brown “a Hoppy Brown w/Chilean Malts and New Zealand Hops”, 5.4% abv. A little too much malt, and not quite enough hop, IMHO.

This seems like a bit of good news:

Beautiful day, beautiful people, great food, beer, bms and topped all off with Tapistry beer, then Greenbush for beer and take out pizza.

The beer day starts with me being the first customer at the Tapistry. Now if I can get some one to wait on me, as they seem not to notice that I’m here. Wait! Help is on the way! Then the fun begins…

Then a stop by Greenbush for some kick-ass clam chowder, and a beer, of course.

And to top off this beautiful day, a stop by The Livery for their 8th anniversary bash…Cheers!

Nothing like a cold beer, Ryem or Reason in this case, to help celebrate the changing of oil and filter after a two+ year hiatus. Cheers!

Tapistry has a sweet stout coming out, which will be available tomorrow. I, on the other hand, have nothing sweet to offer.

Nothing like going to a brew pub and hear the conversation between the Tapistry head brewer, and a home brewer. It seems so appropriate.

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