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Monthly Archives: August 2013

This is such a strange habit, and adding to it just makes it that more strange.

Got to taste a dark wheat at Tapistry today, it’s coming on tomorrow. Unfortunately, I’m not the biggest wheat fan, but I do know someone who is. A report from Bruce will be in order on Thursday.

Breakfast on the beach, food and a couple of Bloody Marys…a rye ale at Tapistry…Then, a raspberry ale at Greenbush. Can some one hand me an aspirin?

Gotta a cheese pizza at Greenbush yesterday, it was good but, and I hate to say it, not great.


I’ve been stuck on the Black Swan, a blackberry wheat, but now I just had a sample of the raspberry ale called One and the Same. Guess what I’m having next?


Enjoying a very nice raspberry wheat here at the Livery. What makes it so much better is the main bar is now upstairs. Brighter, roomier and just right.


After marinating in Brother Ben with salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and Sweet Baby Ray’s bbq sauce for 24 hours, I slow-cooked these chicken breast on my charcoal grill for about 3 hours. Moist, tender and yummy would be an understatement.


I was just thinking, and we all know how dangerous that can be, that the Tapistry released a habanero version of their Peck’s Porter. I had a sample and spicy is the first word I would use describe it. It left a slight burn in the throat with a slightly bitter after taste. I don’t think I’ll be drinking paint any time soon.

Just a 120 days to go for a year’s perfect attendance. Today, I’ll start at the Tapistry, where I’ll meet with Bruce, then to Greenbush. Come on by and join us for a pint!

They started this yesterday. Here’s their post from Facebook:

NEWSFLASH: That pretty new kitchen just got a whole lot prettier. Tomorrow at 5pm we’re going to start test kitchening our new pizza ovens, officially. We’re starting the roll out slowly, so as not to kill our kitchen staff, but we’ll have two 12″ pizzas available at first. 1 specialty, 1 build your own. These bad boys are also available TO GO, but for the time being, no phone orders. (Luckily, the pizzas take about 10 min–just enough time to drink a nice cold pint.) $10-$15 each, and remember, be nice. This is a brand spanking new venture for us, and we’re really excited to feed our little guinea pigs. (That sounds a bit creepy, doesn’t it?)



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