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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Eighth anniversary of The Livery. Here are the details:

8th Anniversary Celebration – Saturday, August 17
on tap beginning at 11:30:
Verchuosity – 11%
Unknown Soldier – 10%
Maillot Jaune – 7%
Grand Reserve Maillot Jaune – 7%
Maillot Rouge – 7.5%
Funkalicious – 9.5%
Turn of Events – 10%
Trippel Weizenbock – 12%
Trippel Weizenbock (BB Firkin) – 12%
and.. from 2-6 pm DJ Danny Boy (Brewer at Corner Brewer) spinnin’ vinyl from his uber eclectic collection of lps
and…tasty treats available from the grill including burgers, house-made brats and veggie options.

See you there!

12 clicks and then I find myself at the Tapistry. Today, Debbie and I are trying their sandwiches, Pastrami and Swiss & Smoke Turkey and Gouda. I’m enjoying the Ryem or Reason a little bit more than normal, it seems that a fresh back washing of the beer lines has added new life to their brews.


The sandwiches were very good, but, and there is always a but, they seemed over-priced for the quantity…The quality was very good, especially the peppercorn chips and the bread.

I just may have to order a taco now that I’m at Greenbush to finish filling the hole.

It’s been eight days in a row here at Tapistry…I think I’m the only one who knows, or even cares about that at this time. One, or part of one, pint, then I’m off to Greenbush for some half priced beer on this cloudy mug club Monday.

Made it to Greenbush! There are Owls in the Roadhouse, what a great raspberry porter! Tastes even better for half price, too!

Tomorrow should be very interesting. Stay tuned for the dark details.

My condolences to Rich whose Dad died recently.

Such a beautiful day to be inside! Not for long, though, as I have a plan that includes putting up a canopy behind the house. I wonder what beer I should pair for this activity?

Fridays have become a very busy day for me. First, I start out at the Tapistry, then it will be a visit to The Livery, followed by Greenbush I know…what a tough schedule I have! Someone rhas to do it, and it might as well be me.

I just heard that Steve and Blake of Burn Em’ Brewing will be having a tasting in Michigan City, IN starting at noon central time tomorrow. More details to come since I haven’t seen any confirmation on their blog, Twitter, or Facebook page.

How hard can it be to write a little bit of drivel on a daily basis? I guess hard enough that I forgot, until right now, to do that thing for yesterday.

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