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Tomorrow will not only be my 300th day, but the US government will shut down. I hope that doesn’t include the brew-pubs around here…How sad would that be?

It seems that Fox News has rated the top ten micro-brews. What do you all think about that?

What a day at the Weko Beach Beer Festival! Great beer, nice people, and a big crowd.


Some people have way too much fun…


It’s so different at The Livery without Mikey behind the bar…Meredith will have to do.

The Tapistry has three new beers out today, Bat County Brown with cocoa nibs and cherry infused; a vanilla porter using whole vanilla beans; And Peppered Beatnik a Belgian Blonde with locally grown hot peppers.

Another day, another beer. Oh yeah!

I am wondering, though, if there will be more changes to be seen at Greenbush today. I’ll find out in just a little while, but first, let me finish the beer I just started here at the Tapistry.

I should have mentioned this the other day, but it’s better late than never, so here we go…
Greenbush was named the second best brewery in Michigan by, just one notch below Shorts. How ’bout that!

I don’t know what Mike and Nate are up to, but it’s requiring five gallon buckets of some really dark stuff.
Turns out is cold brewed coffee for the chocolate stout.


And, look what’s new at Greenbush…Ok, it’s glass. Check it out!

New Glass

New Glass

I’ll start today with a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON!” I’ll drink to that! Good thing I’m at the Tapistry.

Speaking of which, Nate and Mike just finished corking, or whatever it is called, three firkins of their pumpkin ale called cucurbita.

Made it through the grind of golfing just fine. In fact, had the best score ever with a 3 under par. Fortunately, we were playing the best ball out of the five of us, otherwise my score would be off the charts. Still, it was a load of fun.

My Clubs:

I thought I would get a six of Three Floyd’s Zombie Dust, but Olivia told me that they had sold out earlier in the day. Oh well, maybe next time.


Yesterday was so very exciting, I had a really good time with my brother!

Today, will find me, eventually, at Whittaker Woods Golf Course, which is being held by Greenbush. Before I go there, though, a stop at Tapistry just to get the day started in the right direction.

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