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Gotta get used to this new interface now that I’ve upgraded to IOS7. Where are the categories? Found them!

No brewing at the Tapistry today, just Nate swabbing things down.

Nice crowd at Greenbush this gloomy, Friday afternoon. It wasn’t two minutes after I had arrived, when the people sitting at the community table asked me to take a picture of them. Turns out they were having a brothers reunion. How cool is that?! and glad to do it, too!


And, yes! I did wait for you, Olivia, but you did a Mikey G 🙁 Of course, you can make it up by bringing me some Zombie Dust.

Raining like cats and dogs, but it’s dry inside the Tapistry. From my comfy seat I can see that they have a dark beer in the kettle, to which Mike was adding something, that I couldn’t identify, from a Homer Simpson bucket?


Cast off, boot on. Beer going in my belly. Watching a new batch, double batch, of Reactor in the boil stage. Just that simple.

Reactor Cooking

Reactor Cooking

Floods in Colorado. Shootings in Washington DC and Chicago. Even with all of that strife, I have the time to spend time at the Tapistry. And, who can forget that Greenbush makes Mondays the best day of the week?!

Just found this out: the Tapistry has a pumpkin beer in the kettle, and, this Wednesday, they’ll be releasing a barley wine.

I hadn’t been at the Tapistry for ten minutes, when eleven bicyclists came in for some refreshment. One of them told me they were riding to raise money for hospice care. Very nice!


Thirty eight degrees is what is was early this morning…I’m not ready for fall, yet! It made for a good morning to finally do my taxes. Better late than never.

Fall also brings less crowds, especially noticeable at Greenbush.

Good news! At least for me…I made it up the stairs at The Livery! Now, where’s Bruce and Mikey G? I made it downstairs, too, btw.

Now for some Ryem or Reason.

I know that I have already mentioned this, but here we go again…While you are enjoying a beer from your favorite micro-brew, don’t forget to reserve a moment of reflection for those who died on this day 12 years ago.

Ryem or Reason at the Getaway Cubby bar with 99 cent burgers. Tell me where I’m going wrong, if you dare.

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