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The days of consecutive days may be coming to an end sooner than I would like. Stay tuned for more info. Or, if you see me in person, just ask.

More member’s mugs up and above at the Tapistry:


Two questions: Why? And What is brain?

Who cares!

Oh, what’s this? A firkin of Demeter at Greenbush, I think.


Yep, that’s what it is!

I know that I’m showing my age, but when you get the chance to meet a famous WLS DJ you just have to crow. I was at Greenbush yesterday, no surprised there, when Fred Winston walks in and sits at the bar near Bruce and I. Fred was a DJ on WLS in Chicago in the early to mid 1970s. I’m sure some of you, and you know who you are, will remember him. You can keep up with his musing through his blog.

The Sultan & Fred Winston

The Sultan & Fred Winston

I think that I’m mending well, which makes the quest so much easier to maintain. Cheers Bears! They win over the Bengals. And, it’s always a good Day to see the Pack get beaten even if its the 49er’s doing the beating.

The official summer may be over, but it was still very nice at Jean Klock for breakfast.

The first real game of the NFL football season is about to start with the Bears at Cincinnati. Here at the Tapistry, i will raise my mug and yell BEARS!

Sorry, that’s the Bengals at Chicago.

It looks Lille the Tapistry is such a great addition to Bridgman, (don’t get me wrong, it is) that the alley had to be replaced in brick pavers.

Unfortunately, my streak at the Tapistry was broken at 39 days. Oh we’ll, here’s to day one a start of another streak.

This afternoon will tell what will be happening. See you then.

Missed you guys at The Livery today. See you next week, though.

I think I might have been able to stop by The Tapistry today, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.

I did make it to Greenbush, but was not able to get any further than the passenger seat of the van in which I was riding. Debbie, though, did make it in there and picked up a pizza (Piggie style), and a bottle of Demeter. Yum! I will be there for lunch, tomorrow, for sure.

Also, a shout out to the Greenbush crew for the very nice note! Sorry Aaron, I don’t know why I want to call you Adam. Yikes!

When applying for a handicap parking placard, it helps to bring the right paper work to the SOS.

Dropped a six pack of Greenbush’s Demeter by my favorite barber shop, the Ruff Bros. Cheers! Next stop will be Greenbush. See ya there!

I think tomorrow will be easier than I thought.

A man in thought who should not be disturbed.


This is the way to split up a return trip from Ann Arbor, a stop at Dark Horse for some great beer (so far an FF Ale and maybe a session beer) and a Beef and Blue sandwich.


Made it to the Tapistry for the 38th day straight, just in time to see that they installed a tv. Good thing, too, football is about ready to start. BEARS!

The more I look, the more I see. There are more mugs hanging from the ceiling above the bar.


Summer is over, and I’m questing solo for the first time since the “Incident”. I’m splitting today’s voyage into two parts, today. Unfortunately, I have a couple of commitments early this afternoon. See ya later at Greenbush!

This just in: Journeyman is distilling Greenbush’s Delusion. Wonder when that will be ready?

And, finally, I made it to Greenbush for the late afternoon rush?

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