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Monthly Archives: October 2013

The Tapistry is starting the Halloween weekend off early today. You’ve got to check out there holiday beers: Burial Mounds, VooDoo Lady, E.T. Phone Home, Bat Blood, Ghoulblon d’ Or and The Hypnotist. Come on down if you want to for a taste or three. While there you can enjoy the carved pumpkins, hand carved by Matt, and some pumpkin ale served out of, you guessed it, a pumpkin.



This time I’m at Tapistry. I’ll see how that goes then, maybe, I’ll head on over to Greenbush.

Speaking of Greenbush, I would like to thank whoever put money in my mug. It was not only appreciated, but spent.


The Livery has new mugs; this, in combination, with the lifetime membership, great beer, people, and a cool venue, makes it all that much better.


New Mugclub mug

Cool new Mug for Mugclub members

It wasn’t a bunch, or I was bunched. I did make it back to my usual schedule, partially, today. Now, lets see if I can maintain that.

I’m missing a couple of parts, fortunately one these isn’t my taste buds, but I’m doing just fine. I even have a view



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