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Monthly Archives: October 2013

The day just gets closer.

Tapistry owners Greg and Joe were interviewed by WIRX, or one of the stations ran by that group, today. At least I think it was today.

I did see my neighbors, Jim and Dave, at the Tapistry. They seemed it enjoy their first time there, or, at least, they seemed to enjoy the beer and food. Hopefully, they’ll be regulars very soon.

And, today, I was offered the mug on which I had the winning bid. I opted for my regular mug. Which should I chose? Mug 437, my current one, or 159?

Here’s something I just discovered, the Beerhoptacular held in Chicago’s Pilsen district, of course, in early November.

And to end today’s post, something creepy.


Just another forty five days to go. Can I do it? Stayed tuned for all of the gory details.

A nice little write up about the Tapistry & and its owners, Joe and Greg, by The Buck.


You’ve gotta try the cheese platter at Tapistry! Super Yummy!


Speaking of the Tapistry, they were awarded with a Special Tribute from the State of Michigan.


The day started out pretty crappy, but the weather is improving late this morning. What, at this time, does it matter?! We are inside at Greenbush without a weather concern.

Get your butt down to Tapistry, they are having their grand opening with plenty of free food, at least for now.

It’s been a rough day for me as far as the van goes, which almost didn’t with when I was leaving The Livery. Something with the starter not wanting to start. In fact, I have the van running outside the Tapistry as of this moment. What I’ll do for beer?

My first time at Round Barn Public House. Now enjoying their Harvest Ale, not too bad.



I made the last stop this morning before the first stop this morning. Now I have a week to reflect and, of course, visit my local brew-pubs.

Speaking of which, the Tapistry has a mystery brew on tap today only. Here’s a quote from Facebook page: “This week’s Thursday Mystery Keg is…. (drumroll, please) Peck’s Porter aged with mixed peppers grown right here in Bridgman! Nice peppery aromatics with a very subtle pepper heat. Not to be missed! Come grab a pint on this rainy day. As always, growlers available to go.”

Greenbush seems to have finished the bar extension. Pictures to come later when I can get just a little closer to that project.

Here’s something a little different, Matt is bar tending. A “big” change from the usual Erin, Olivia, or Erin 2. I don’t know what the meaning of all this is, but it is what it is.

I can hardly believe my eyes! Justin Baney got a haircut! Change is the only constant, I suppose.

Speaking of change, the bar extension gets that much closer to finished!


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