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Another 5 weeks with crutches. Sounds like a beer is needed. So off I went to the Tapistry, and, then, Greenbush to satisfy that demand. Yep!

A beautiful and frosty morning to start the day. It sounds like I need to stop by the Tapistry for a beer. Oh, that’s right! I’m already here, and not the first customer for a change. Also, Ryem or Reason is back. Cheers!

I’ll be got to Greenbush after this for the best day of the week, mug club Monday!

The beer day starts out at Greenbush with a Dunegräs and a bowl of cauliflower-blue cheese soup. How very yummy!

A stop by the Somewhat busy Tapistry, then how to football, and, maybe, a nap.

I got a better, or at least in focus, picture of the temp bar top. So here we go!


Debbie and I are going to share the beef pasty…picture and comments coming soon.

Oops! I was supposed to take a picture before we had eaten the pasty. Sorry!

Ok, it’s not the same beef pasty, but it’s still from Greenbush. And, now, the picture:


Very nice-sized crowd the Tapistry!

There was so much going on, yesterday, that I forgot to make this post on time.

Great news at The Livery! They have changed the mug club policy from an annual subscription to a lifetime membership, all for the tidy sum of $70.00. The good news doesn’t stop there, though, as if you are already a member for the past couple of years or more, then you are grandfathered/mothered in for no additional cost. There are some changes to the perks, too. For more info contact them at 269-925-8760 or by email.

The Tapistry has a special treat coming soon, I hope. How ’bout a peanut butter stout served in a chocolate cup. Yeah, you read that correctly!  I can hardly wait. Nate had an example, but I neglected to get a picture of it. Shame on me!

And the new stuff just keeps coming…Greenbush has an updated menu which includes some entrees. Check it out!

New Menu Side 1

New Menu Side 1

New Menu Side 2

New Menu Side 2













Greenbush also put a temporary top on the once topless bar extension. I took a picture of it, but it’s a little out of focus. I’ll try to get a better picture today.

Focus! Please

Focus! Please

Busy day for tomorrow…It’ll be The Livery, the Tapistry, followed, and completed with Greenbush. Ok! It’s really not that busy.

Not the first customer at the Tapistry, for a change. And, surprise! Look who’s here, it’s Olivia! Unfortunately, Bruce will have to wait until tomorrow. Sorry…

A little bit of provenance was added to the concrete mug at Greenbush.

Such a sunny day outside…It would seem that there would be more going on at the Tapistry. Once again, I’m the first patron of the day, and I didn’t get here until 12:30 an hour and a half after opening. It’s gotta get better! Everyone drop what you are doing and get your collective asses down to the Tapistry!

Greenbush is having an auction of these delectable items. Just to make it simple and short, I’ll let you read their descriptions of each item. Also, I believe this is a silent auction, which will go on all this week. Hurry up and put your bid in!

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