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Monthly Archives: October 2013

The government might be furloughing some of its employees, but the Tapistry is hiring. A big welcome to Cody, if you would please!

The Freep film festival is featuring a film about beer. Surprise! Check it out HERE.

Raining outside, nice and dry inside the Tapistry. Where’s the crew, though? Just Greg manning all stations and waiting.

Greenbush’s A Group is looking a little sparse…


Well, it started two weeks ago, but Greenbush has new hours. Now they are opened at 11:30am Eastern time.

My twin came in just a few minutes ago, I’ll have a picture to share in a bit. And here we go!


Nice crowd at the Tapistry to enjoy beer and the art hanging on the walls.


I’m going to have a sandwich at the Tapistry, the government shutdown be damned! I think it’ll be a brewben, and they do have it. Cheers!

Day three of the government shutdown…Where are all of the people?

What a difference from yesterday at the Tapistry, from slammed to me being the first customer of the day. Oh my!

Does having a cigarette butt (lit) thrown into your car count as a tragedy?

We’re in the second day of the government shutdown, but that hasn’t stopped the beer from flowing. Or, a nice crowd at the Tapistry from forming, which has Olivia jumping, and, hopefully later, jumping for joy with the tip money. Cheers!

The US government is shut down, but the Tapistry is open for business. There is one small change, though, and that is there is no Ryem or Reason. Oh well, Skipjack is filling the void for the time being.

It seems that Greenbush is still open, too…The work continues.


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