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You’d better get yourselves down to Greenbush while it’s not so crowded. Believe me, it’ll be packed in no time at all. And you you might want to try the pizza of the day, a pineapple and house cure bacon, made by Blake. Sounds yummy to me!

Don’t forget your tickets for the Greenbush Christmas party. They’re on sale now and there’s a limited amount available, so you’d better decide now.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and/or Chanukah, but now it’s time to shop and drink beer. I’ll leave the shopping to Debbie. Guess what part I get to do?

I’ll start this holiday segment at Tapistry with a Hoponacci. Don’t forget, I have to pick up the Advent beer calendar from Greenbush. Might as well have a beer while I’m there. Stay tuned for further updates.


Another cold, windy and snowy day…wait!? It’s only Thanksgiving eve! Right? No matter, I will persevere on my quest.

Tapistry has their Christmas ale on tap, Blizzard Sleeves. Come on in and give it a try.

Today is a day of mourning, I just found out that Brian Griffin from the Family Guy died on Sunday. Cheers, Brian! This one is for you.

I wasn’t the first at Tapistry today. Will wonders never cease? Ok, it’s time to move on to a grilled cheese sandwich.

Debbie and I made a stop by the State Fare Restaurant on Red Arrow Highway in Sawyer for the first time. Simple fare and very good! Debbie had the chicken meatball sandwich with fries, and I had the cheeseburger, with homemade pickled onions and pickles, with fries. Both of us had coffee, which was very fresh and flavorful. If you are looking for something different from Greenbush’s menu, then you’ve got to check this place out! Highly recommended!

Now for some beer at Greenbush.


Starting today’s adventure at Greenbush with a bowl of some hearty chili, a very good thing on this January-like day.

Last night at Tapistry, not only was the bourbon barrel aged beer great, but how about the brats and the baked beans, which were over the top great!


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