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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Make sure to come by the Tapistry for some handmade brats, baked beans and bourbon-barrel-aged-brew. Whew! It all starts at 6:30 tonight. Don’t be late!

It seems that Trivia Tuesday was a hit for the Tapistry. Good for them! Thursday will bring the roll out of their bourbon aged brown, with brats and baked beans as a buffer. Try to be here, Debbie and I will!

Here’s some news: Bells is bring out two of their most popular beers in pint cans. Check it out here.

I don’t how it happened, but I ended up buying the beer advent calendar from Greenbush. If you want one, you’d better hurry and place your order.

It’s time to celebrate, I’m crutch free!

More cool lights at Greenbush. I meant to post this yesterday, but the crutches weren’t supportive.


At the Tapistry: Blood oranges and wheat beer? Yep! Trivia? That’s going on tonight, too!

Greenbush: How about salad in a jar? Ok, it’s not available to the public, but it seems strangely appealing.

An unusual day for Greenbush.


The internet is down at my house, so both Debbie and I are at the Tapistry, which does have internet service, thankfully. Oh yeah, and beer, too! Now that would have been a shame!

Debbie and I managed to hit four of the breweries close to our house, starting with Greenbush, then Tapistry, followed by The Livery, and, finally, The Round Barn Public House. I still haven’t had a beer there that I really like. Good pizza, though, thankfully.

Today, it’s just going to be Greenbush (gotta try the chili and the pizza of the day) and the Tapistry.


Debbie and I went to The Livery this afternoon. Very nice, but where was Mikey G!

We ended up at the Round Barn Public House in Baroda. Just one thing; I am sure glad they have good pizza!

Thursday mystery beer at the The Tapistry is Fresh Pepper Stout, not much of a mystery now. Come on in and give it a try.

The day after the big snow and some of the roads are still snow packed, an the sidewalk in front of the Tapistry is a wee bit slippery. None of that stopped me from my appointed rounds.

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