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Yesterday wasn’t day 341, instead it was 334. Please accept my apologies for not being able to do simple math.


I know that I  had mentioned The Livery changing their mug club conditions in an earlier post. I thought, though, I would post it verbatim from their newsletter, just to make sure I got it right.

Here we go:


Never say never….  Coming in at just under 20oz, we give you the new Mug Club Mug for use when you’re at The Livery.    Mainstay beers in MC Mug will be $4 at all times except for Tuesday…only $3 on Mug Club Day.

A few other things…
If you joined the Mug Club in 2011 or before, you don’t need to renew…ever.

New membership (lifetime) is $70
Tuesday is Mug Club Day:
*$3 pour in Mug Club mug
*25% off food
* $4 off growler refills; $2 off growler refills

* $4 pour in Mug Club Mug
* $2 off growler refills; $1 off howler refill
Specialty beers will be served in appropriate glassware and receive the $.50 off and $1 on Tuesday.

Don’t want to drink from the MC mug?  No problem – $.50 daily/$1 on Tuesday discount remains.

Want even more discounts?  Buy a gift card and get $5 off for every $50 you load on the card.  We love it when you use Livery gift cards – saves us big money in merchant processing fees.


All of the above plus the new mug club mugs.

New Mugclub mug

Cool new Mug for Mugclub members

I haven’t seen Jill in a couple of months…I hope she’s alright.

How long can a one-legged man stand and watch a beer brewing demonstration?

It seems like I should, at least at times, but for now I’ll just bite my tongue and enjoy the beer.

I know this isn’t as funny as it should be, but seeing Scott, Pete, Carlos & Beach at the Tapistry was a little weird today. Now that I’m at Greenbush I don’t see them any where near.


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