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Monthly Archives: January 2014

If you are traveling in SW Michigan or NW Indiana please take your time as the roads are snow packed and very slick. Don’t worry your favorite brew-pub will hold a place for you when you arrive.

If you are able to get out tonight then please check out Tapistry. They are rolling out a sour cherry porter, plus brats and beans for 4 bucks.


By now you probably have figured that I lead a sheltered life, what with going to the same places only on different days. So, with that in mind…Tapistry had a very nice crowd when I first walked in today, but it seems that I chased half of them away. More room for me to spread out while having a beer, I suppose.


Just got this in from The Livery’s monthly newsletter:

We are pleased to announce that Simon Rusk is the new Head Brewer for The Livery!   Simon will be working closely with Sawyer til he departs at the end of February.  Simon is not new to life behind the purple door and has been assisting Sawyer with brewing, cellaring, keg washing and more since last Summer.   Simon is passionate and extremely knowledgeable  about craft beer,  and as important, he  loves The Livery.   You will still see him for the occasional bartending shift as he’s passionate about Livery customers too.  (Stay tuned for info on a little bon voyage we’re planning for Sawyer on  2/28)

If you’re not doing anything important, and who is? Then, why don’t you come on down to Tapistry in Bridgman to keep Erin company, and for a pint or two? While here you can pick up a stocking cap in your choice of black or pink.


Maybe it was the Astro Projection from the Livery. Maybe it’s the come-back try by New England in the fourth quarter. Or, maybe, it’s just was meant to be. The Sultan’s blog is back on top!

I can post from my IPad but not from my computer’s browser. Guess it’s time to have a beer, or three, and watch the AFC Championship game. An update on this problem will come between this game and the NFC championship game. Stay tuned.


You may be wondering what happened to day 402? Well, between laziness and server problems (and stopping at three brew-pubs), I just didn’t get a chance to post. Let’s see what happens today.

Right now, I’m having sausage with potato soup and an Anger at Greenbush. What I find somewhat remarkable is that the sausage is sourced locally from the Bridgman Meat Market in Bridgman, Mi of all places. They’re only a few miles from where I live which means a definite visit is in the future.

Get yer butts down to Tapistry and try this week’s mystery beer! It’s a Belgian, I think, with lemon grass and ginger. Really refreshing and nice! Why I didn’t write this when I was there? I don’t know!

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