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Monthly Archives: February 2014

That’s my mug club number at Greenbush.

You better hold on to your hat, and other light objects, ’cause even with the bright sun it’s very windy and cold; a good reason to be inside while drinking beer. I sure hope, even though I’m not attending, the weather for the Winter Beer Fest, tomorrow, is appropriate.


Martins has a couple of Greenbush’s mainstay beers on sale. I picked up a six pack of Dunegräs for $8.99 + tax & deposit, also they had Unicorn Killer on sale for the same price. It’s not much of a savings, but if you’re in the Stevensville area, I think it’s worth a stop.


Just found out that Tapistry raised their growler prices. Starting February 19 growlers will be $10, $12 & $15 for Tier III, Tier II and Tier I respectively. Mug clubbers still get buck off every day and two dollars off on Thursday.

Make sure to get out and enjoy the sun today (with or without a beer) as it feels just fine. Kinda gets me thinking that we may have an end to this winter very soon.


Sunny and almost balmy. Go ahead and put those snow blowers and shovels away, ’cause spring is here and the snow is melting!

Be careful during your rounds as the snow is coming down and blowing, and the roads are slick in spots.

Btw, today is my dad’s 81st birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dad! I salute you by raising my glass…


Rewired part of my network, and, now, I’m beat! Also, thirsty. Star Chicken should take care of that.


I’m not bionic any more! So I’m back to it starting with Greenbush’s Anger and a cup each of their tomato-basil and potato-kale soups. What a great way to continue my first day of recovery!


Well, I’m not letting a little bit of surgery stand in my way. I started my journey this morning by picking up a howler at Tapistry, then I made my way to Greenbush and bought a six pack of Star Chicken. From there it’s off to the hospital. And, no I haven’t had any beer, or food and water since last night.


You heard here first! The buzz is that Tapistry will be expanding their brewery to meet future demand. If this is true, then I would have to say ‘Great’.


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