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It way too nice not too out! It may even be too nice for me to be doing this thing, som with that in mind, why don’t you just get out.


I made it from yesterday with just a slight bit of distress this morning. None-the-less, I’m out and about, starting with Greenbush where Debbie and I are sharing a bowl of tomato-basil soup. So very yummy! I’m washing that down with my go-to beer, when it’s available, Star Chicken Shotgun.

After lunch, we will go to Tapistry for their first bottle release, a double, rice, IPA called “Menace Hopper”. Can’t wait to grab a few of them, and a couple of t-shirts, too. If you look carefully at the label, you will see an overlooked mistake. I won’t tell you what it is, you will have to find out yourself.


Good news, Tapistry has finished bottling Menace Hopper! Here’s a small sample:

Bottles of beer

Bottled Menace Hopper

Now Mike is labeling the filled bottles right now before my eyes, wearing his usual dour face. Come on, Mike! Cheer up!


Mike Busy Labeling

Don’t forget that Menace is on tap right now at Tapistry, and the bottles will be available this Saturday. See you then!


It’s Hump Day, and it’s almost up to freezing, at least the sun is out.

Tapistry has their “Menance Hopper” on tap, a double rice IPA with Galaxy, Centennial and Amarillo hops. You’ve got to stop whatever you’re doing, or wait until you get off of work, if you must, and get yourself down here. This is really good stuff!

This Saturday, they will have bottles (They’re bottling right now as I type this) for sale.


Mondays are always great, but let’s not forget about Tuesday, it has its special attributes, too. For instance, there are two brew-pubs in the local area that have their mug club day, today. First, there’s The Livery in Benton Harbor; they have $1 off on all mainstay beer, $2 off sandwiches & $2 off regular growlers. Then there is Tapistry, which is in my back yard, if 3 miles makes a back yard, they have a dollar off their all of their beers, plus the every day 10% off food.

But, that’s not all! Tapistry will be having their new double ipa on tap starting Wednesday (you can wait a day, can’t you?), and bombers of same available this Saturday. I have had a taste and it’s very hoppy, high in alcohol, and very drinkable. Make sure to stop by before it’s all gone!


You know the drill:

Tapistry: $2.00 Tier III Beers all day.

Greenbush: Mug Club day! Shame on you if you aren’t a member.

If this past winter is any indicator, you would be just in thinking that summer will never arrive, but arrive it will, and before you know it. And, as proof of that, the Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra is hosting a music/beer/wine/food fest on June 21, 2014, which,¬†coincidently, is the first day of Summer or the Summer Solstice. More info can be found at the SW Michigan Symphony Orchestra’s website.

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