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The sun is out so you should be, too. Don’t throw that excuse at me that you can’t watch college basketball if you go out, because I know of three, at least, great brew-pubs that have all of the games on tv. There must be some in your neck of the woods, too! It would certainly be a shame if there weren’t.


Does this weather make you feel like your on a roller coaster ride? Me neither, but it’s definitely having its ups and downs. Which brings me to the main point of this missive. Get out of the house and drink craft beer!



I can’t believe I had passed this up, Tapistry is having their first bottle release on March 29th. It will be a double-rice-IPA called Menace Hopper. Can’t wait! What’s even better, or just as good, is it will be on tap on the 26th. Don’t have to wait as long, don’t have to wait too long for a taste. More information can be found on their Facebook page.

Pleasant House and Tapistry have release their collaboration beers (That’s not a typo). There will be a double IPA at Tapistry and a lager at Pleasant House. From my limited knowledge of beer, and maybe a poor memory, both beers used similar ingredients to test the differences between the two brewing methods. I do know one thing, both are available during regular hours, the lager at Pleasant House and the IPA at Tapistry.

The day is warm and sunny, the roads dry and clear and it’s Friday, so you have no excuses to not to go to your favorite brew-pub and enjoy a pint or two.

You think your day is bad? Well, get a load of this: Olivia’s car caught on fire then spread to Mike’s car, both are a total loss. Fortunately, no one was hurt, only their wallets. If you already don’t know, Olivia and Mike both work at Tapistry, so stop on by and pay your condolences and have a pint while your at it. That’s exactly what I’m doing now.


This might be and exciting day for me at Greenbush. Details to come later. One thing for sure is that I don’t see well indoors with my sunglasses on which makes typing and proof reading especially hard.

I washed the car this morning, which is just in time for the rain predicted for tonight. Timing is everything! At least it looks like spring may be trying to settle in, kicking winter to the curb for good, I hope.

I’m at Tapistry right now and am pleased to report that they sold out of their small batched red ale and stout. Gotta wait until next year for more, I suppose. Don’t let that interfere with your plans, especially if they included stopping on by for a pint.


St. Patrick’s day started at Tapistry with a sample of stout, a pint of Irish Red ale (both of which were small batched brewed by Nate and Mike), and a simple lunch consisting of corned beef, cabbage, and red potatoes. Yummy and very filling!

Then, it was off to Greenbush, where it was just another day; a good day indeed, though.

To celebrate this Irish holiday, I made some chicken fajitas on the gas grill.

Food and beer makes me tired.


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