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This must be a great day with so many beers coming on in my little neck of the woods! Of course, it would have been more efficient if I had done this in one post, but I’m not thinking, I’m doing something else. Anyway, in addition to the previous mentions, Greenbush just released their barrel aged blueberry imperial stout, the ‘Cabra Perdida’. I just had a taste and it wowed me. Be careful with this one, it tastes great and at 11.7% abv! it’s fully loaded.


The Livery has two new beers on tap. I’ll just quote from their newsletter to save myself some typing:

“Fram Bam- On tap for the very first time this Barrel Aged Soured Belgian IPA doused with a heaping pile of fresh Raspberries will be sure to blow your mind. 8%

Hop Munchen – This Rye Munich India Pale Lager boasts a bright Juicy citrus hop flavor balanced by a rye maltiness with a clean finish. 5.5%”


Bought a 12 pack of Founders’ Centennial IPA. What a Deal! 12/12oz cans for $18.00, can’t go wrong with that!

Well, the journey does continue on this sunny and very cool spring day. Get out, if you can, but don’t stand in the wind, instead, go to your favorite brew-pub and enjoy the indoors and beer.


I know someone had told me about this place a little while ago, but I had forgotten all about until I inadvertently drove by it last weekend. Located on the corner of Hollywood & Hinchman, near Baroda, I saw no hops planted, but all of the poles are in and ready to receive bines. I’m guessing around 10 acres of future hops, plus or minus an acre or two.



Monday’s can be very hectic in the mundane world I live in, and yesterday was no exception to that.

I did find out a release date for my Cinci-chili-red-ale beer that I helped Chris at Greenbush brew. Nicole told me that they would be carbonating it yesterday or today and it will be release, at Greenbush, next Tuesday, April 29. Be there or you won’t have a chance for a taste.


It’s the day before Easter and Debbie is passing out flowers and candy at Greenbush. Hurry before they’re gone! Wouldn’t it great if there were an Easter Beer Bunny?

Speaking of Greenbush, the next time you see the head brewer, Pete, you might not recognize him. Seems like he doesn’t need a beard to brew beer.


Good Friday brings a good Friday. The weather is cool, but the sun is out, so why not you?

Just a reminder; Greenbush will be closed for Easter. Tapistry, on the other hand, will be open, so there’s hope for the craft-beer needy.

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