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It’s almost too nice to be inside, but I’ll sacrifice myself just to do my part in keeping the craft-brew industry alive and well.


The news is that I’m here at Tapistry and you are not. So there! And you do know that I’ll be at Greenbush a little later. So double there!

It’s a good thing that I did show up at Tapistry, as there was a six pack of Greenbush beer in the back of a Prius, totally baking in the sun. I informed the owner of said vehicle of same. Sultan of Suds! Saving one six pack at a time.

Tapistry is going to brew a new beer. Here’s a description in their own words:

“So we have decided to brew a now defunct Polish-style of beer called Gratzer because we can. We will be among at our best guess a dozen U.S. breweries to brew this style. Meet Gratzerful Dead a beer brewed with 100% oak smoked wheat and fairly generously hopped. We are pretty stoked. Expect this rare and tap room exclusive to be brewed soon and tapped in the next six weeks or so.”

It’s a shame it won’t be ready for Dyngus Day

Here’s a description, and a slightly different name, for what I think is the same thing:


It’s tax day! Are you ready? I mailed off a small fortune to the powers at hand before stopping at Tapistry for a “Menace Hopper” on their mug-club Tuesday. If you have some money left then why don’t you pick up some of your favorite craft brew and drown the pain in your wallet, too.

And if paying taxes wasn’t bad enough, this is what greeted me this morning:

Picture of snow in mid April

I Thought winter was over!

Monday, what a great day! If only you would forget the shitty weather. When you have the proper gear, though, it’s not a problem.

Thanks to Bruce for his cooperative Hat!

Gloria with Bruce's Hat

I think we already had the warm part of the day early this morning. Don’t let that bring you down, though, as all of the brew-pubs in my area are open and weather controlled.


After spending an evening with Matt, Angie & Kevin, I’m surprised that Debbie & I, especially me, were able to make it to Greenbush this morning. Maybe it was the bruising on my upper, right arm that did the trick. Thanks, Angie!

Don’t let today go to waste, it’s a little cloudy now, but the sun is supposed to come out, and the temperatures will be in the 70s. Get out, grab a growler or two and enjoy!


Is spring finally here? It sure seems like it for now, at least. Instead of doing outside things around the house, why don’t you just go to Tapistry? They have their beer garden open for business right now as I write these words. Of course, you could just stop by The Livery, their beer garden is also open for business. I’m sure Round Barn has a beer garden, but I’m not sure if it’s open. It should be, if it isn’t. As for Greenbush, Scott and crew were working on their garden, but, as of yesterday, it wasn’t open. I would imagine it would be by later today, or, at the latest, tomorrow. I’ll let you all know what’s going on with that as soon as I get down there.


What a great way to start off my stop at Tapistry! Mike loaned me a copy of “The Michigan Beer Film”, which I’ll watch tonight. Review, if anyone really needs my two cents worth, will be tomorrow.


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