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Monthly Archives: May 2014

The Livery is extending their hours, check out their Facebook Page for the details.

What will you be doing on this cold and wet day?#Where’sSpring? I’ll give you two guesses what I’ll be doing this afternoon.


Got about half of my hops ready to climb by securing new twine to my storage trailer. They are growing very well, as they should, even though this is only their second season. My Chinooks, which are in their fourth season, aren’t doing nearly as well. Strange.

It’s official, Tapistry has released a Kölsch called “Boat Slip”. I know, I had it yesterday and told you that it was up, but I didn’t know what the style it was. Shame on me, I suppose. I do know that it’s light and tasty and should go well with lawn mowing.


A new beer, a summer ale called “Boat Slip”, at Tapistry just in time for the weather to turn shitty, once again. Come on by and enjoy before they take it down for “Menace Hopper”.

It seems that the Tapistry girls are small batch brewing with Mike, I think it was a wheat beer with strawberries and rhubarb. Maybe summer with make it here after all.


I’ve been married for, as of today and to the same woman, for 34 years, which is a lot of days, 12,418 give-or-take. And look at the nice flowers (Thanks to Sara & the Greenbush gang) with the nice lady.


Update: Noel is actually Noelle, mainly a spelling thing as they are pronounced the same. And I learned the name of the other new server at Tapistry, her name is Haley. I’ll find out later how she’s actually spells it.

It started out a little crappy this morning, but it has turned out to be a pretty nice day, cooler than yesterday’s very warm and humid temps. It does make it a little more tolerable to be inside Tapistry and, later, Greenbush, though. No complaints either way.


What a beautiful day! What the heck in I doing inside at Tapistry? I guess I’m continuing this quest, the reasons why elude me for the time being. I’m not going to waste my entire day here, or at Greenbush, just a couple of hours and, then, back to the grind.

Tapistry has a new server, Noel (I think that’s how it would be spelled), really two but I don’t know the name of the one I saw yesterday.


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