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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Tapistry is continuing with their “Whole Lotta Horchata” still on tap for the Seis de Mayo. Me? I having a “Menace Hopper” only because it’s great and Mug-Club-Tuesday! Come on over if you can they could really use the business, lack of which is not due to inferior beer, their beer is very good!

I just found out that the decision of Erin to leave Tapistry is final. What a shame! I’m going to miss her as a server.

Greenbush has a new food menu.


It’s the fifth of May and Tapistry has two special beers, a spiced ale called “Whole Lotta Horchata” & a fire roasted pepper brown ale called “Buenos Tardes Amigo”. I’m having the Horchata right now. Later, I’ll have some pork carnitas tacos also in celebration of the day. No Olivia, though, so Kendall will have to do, and she does that well.


The sun is not out! No excuse, though, for you. You must be out!

Just heard this from Scott at Greenbush, and confirmed by the May-June issue of “Michigan Beer Guide”, they are the eighth largest brewer in Michigan. How about that!


The sun is out and so should you.

Greenbush has a merch sale today and tomorrow, just look for the van named Gary in front of the tap room.


Dont Citra Pants is gone at Tapistry. And, speaking of gone, Matt the cellarman last day was Wednesday, Erin, formerly E2, last day will be this Sunday, and Mike the assistant brewer accepted a job at Oddside Brewing. Yikes! I guess will be seeing some new faces pretty soon.

Greenbush still had my Chili beer on tap as of yesterday. Don’t know it it’ll be there today, but I do know that it won’t last past Monday, so get some while you can.


Having a “Dont Citra Pants” at Tapistry to try to make the cold go away, the rain is not too bad, so it can stay around for a short while longer.

Tapistry is taking advantage of the weather and filling used Gin Barrels with a ginger Tripel to age for a time, at least that’s what I thought Tim said. Any way, it should be very interesting when ready.

I will be going to Greenbush later today to see if my beer is still available, if it isn’t I’ll have a howler with me to give out samples.


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