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Monthly Archives: June 2014

I guess three cases of All Day IPA weren’t enough; I went to Meijer early this morning and bought the last three cases. Yes! Life is good.

Finally, I got the All Day IPA! And, for $13.99/15 Pack. Now I wished that I had bought more. Oh well, better some than none.


Well, I think I finally have a chance of getting All Day IPA in cans. Supposedly, according to a source at Meijer, it will be there some time tomorrow late morning or early afternoon. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


The rain has finally stopped, so it must be time for a beer at Tapistry. Oh, I’m already there. How strange is that?

I believe the Bridgman street dance is during the Celebrate Bridgman festivities, which is from July 10 until July 13.

Olivia just gave me a taste of a Strawberry-Wheat beer that she and the other Tapistry ladies made a few weeks ago. I thought it was pretty good, and I definitely could smell the strawberries. Come on by and have a taste before it’s all gone.


Well here it is, another day, so another beer. This time I went with the Reactor at Tapistry, seeing that it’s Mug-Club Tuesday. What the Heck?!

I may be pouring beers at the Bridgman Street Dance, which is? I’ll have to look it up. Hang on just one moment…Ok, I can’t find out exactly when, but I know it will some time in the first two weeks of July. More information to come later.


My first time riding my bicycle, and to where did I ride it? Greenbush, soon to be followed by a ride to Tapistry, and then home, if I can make it that far.


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