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Monthly Archives: June 2014

I made a much needed stop at The Livery, after having a burrito at La Perla, Tapistry see Mikey G, which was made all that much better with him in a good mood.

Then, it was off to Tapistry where I was greeted by Olivia and an unusually full bar for an early Friday afternoon. A welcome change for Olivia for sure.

Don’t forget the Summer Solstice event at Silver Beach, tomorrow. It should be a good time.

I’ve still haven’t found any 15 packs of Founders’ All Day IPA any where around me, but I did see a, and bought, a 12 pack of Short’s Prolonged
Enjoyment in bottles. It’s supposed to be an American Session IPA similar to Founders All Day. I’ll soon find out when I get home later today.


What’s my excuse, now? Maybe I don’t need one. Oh, I know! There’s pallets behind Tapistry that I need to pick up. Don’t let me forget.

I got to Tapistry just in time to miss the big wind and heavy rain, which makes it so much easier to be inside drinking beer instead of doing something worth while.


Just met the head brewer at Figure 8, which wouldn’t be so surprising if I were at their brewery. I’m not! I’m at Tapistry where Nate introduced Mike to me. Now, I really have to go there.


Thanks to Olivia, I finally have obtained, or will later this afternoon, a 15 pack of Founders All Day IPA. Just in time for this beautiful, summer-like weekend!


Some how I lost 100 days. I really must be upset about no Menace.

I meant to get a couple of bottles of Menace Hopper at Tapistry, yesterday, especially since they had only seven bottles left. Well, I forgot to buy them and what do you think I was greeted with today when I arrived at Tapistry today. No Menace Hopper! Crap!


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