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So much turmoil in the world that I just had to get away, and it being Mug Club day at Tapistry isn’t hurting one bit.


It’s a little early, but I did get rid of the Cascade hops, which I had inadvertently trimmed good, female bines from the bad male, bines. Thanks, Time! I hope that they serve you well!

Tomorrow, be at Tapistry’s one year anniversary, which starts at noon, and, for those who are fortunate to be mugclubbers, the party starts at 10am.

One of the items that will be for sale will be Hippy Smell, an American Wheat Wine, which clocks in at around 10% abv, and will sell for $12/25oz bottle. Also, there will be three bourbon-barrel aged beers on tap for our enjoyment. I know I have gone through all of this before, but it doesn’t hurt to remind you, and me, what’s going on.

Hippy Smell

Not a good way to start the rounds. What am I talking about? I’m talking about another Malaysian flight crashing, and this time it’s a confirmed fact. How it came down is another matter. There’s talk on the news stations of it being shot down by Russian backed rebel forces in Ukraine, or it may be some kind of mechanical failure on the plane itself. Time will tell. Another tragedy during my campaign. In the meantime, I’m going to have a couple of craft beers and digest this whole thing.


Right in front of me, right now, Tapistry is bottling their Hippy Smell, an American Wheat Wine, which will be available on their one year anniversary this Saturday, July 19. Also they will have three barrel-aged beers available for your enjoyment. Can’t hardly wait!



Here’s some good news: Tapistry has a nearly full house and this is early, Tuesday afternoon. Wow! Things are really starting to gel for them.


Need I bore you with the antics of another Monday? I think not, at least not this Monday. How ’bout a picture of some of my hops?


Hop cones

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