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Monthly Archives: July 2014

It’s Saturday, so that must mean that I’m at Greenbush for lunch, this time sans Debbie. I just found out that Greenbush has temporarily suspended flights due to a shortage of glasses from patrons stealing same. What a bunch of low lifes!

So much for the bad news. Greenbush not only has Star Chicken Shotgun & Huggy Bear on tap, but they have a new beer called Pyrrhic Victory, a black here of all things.

Don’t forget that Bruce and I are pouring for Tapistry tonight at Bridgman’s
Street Dance.


I’ve got black dirt on my hands and Tapistry beer in my belly. Welcome to another Friday!

Speaking of Tapistry, they have new menus:

New Menu

And, don’t forget that Bruce and I will be pouring for Tapistry at Bridgman’s Street Dance Fest this Saturday from 6:30PM. Should be fun!


One of the great things about many of the brew-pubs I have been in is that most people seem to have no problem recommending other places than the one they’re in at that moment. Wordy enough for you? Also, where else can you trade two bottles of Bruce’s cider for some 3Floyd’s Zombie Dust?


Bridgman is getting things ready for the Street Dance this weekend, at which I’ll be pouring beer for Tapistry, along with Bruce. Can’t wait!

Good to see Jody at Tapistry this afternoon. She’s not drinking beer yet, but she seems to be in good spirits. She must be so glad just to be able to get out and about without too much worry.


Don’t forget that it’s Pork carnitas tacos tonight at Tapistry. I had them last week, and all I have to say is that they’re very yummy.


A little break from the rain, heat and humidity calls for some beer, especially seeing that it’s Mug-Club Tuesday at Tapistry, I figure that I can’t go wrong.


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