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The day before the 4th and I still have no electricity. Crap! Maybe I’ll go to Baroda’s Fireworks display tonight just to be able to enjoy the darkness for a change. At least I can break up the day of refueling my generator by going to Tapistry and Greenbush until then.

Btw, if you are bbqing Ace Hardware in Stevensville has Cowboy brand lump charcoal for $10/20# bag. Kevin, you had better hurry before they are sold out.


The inconvenience continues. We’re going on 36 hours without electricity, except for a small generator I have going which, so far, has consumed about 15 gallons of gas. Makes my electric bill seem like such a great value, considering that I can power the entire house for a lot less money. I know I’d much rather spend $4 on a good craft beer pint over a gallon of gas.


Forgot to mention that Tapistry is having “Taco Tuesday” starting today. Seven bucks gets you some delicious pork carnitas, with a cilantro sour cream, and a most wonderful home made pico de gallo. Mucho yummy!


Debbie and I survived the storms and heavy rain last night, but around 3am our electric service ceased and is still down. Makes for a good reason to make my usual rounds.

Doing without electricity is one thing, seeing hops flattened by the wind and rain is another. I took this picture early this morning of one of Craig Hanke’s hop fields on Gast Road just a little south of Lemon Creek Road:

Flattened Hops

It makes my flooded garden seem like a non-event in comparison:

Flooded Garden


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