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Two and a half hours of picking hops and I end up with 3 pounds of Centennials, all of which has been promised to Tim. May he make a righteous beer with them.

While picking hops I ran in to this big guy:

Picture of a Giant Hop Cone

That’s a big one!


I just committed most of my Centennial hops to Tim at Tapitry, who is going to make a SMaSH small batch on Friday. Can’t wait to taste the results. Which, btw, brings me to what I’m going to be doing tomorrow. Can you guess? Picking Hops! Thats what!


What happened? Did I miss the entire day? I sure hope not, or if I did it was a wonderful beer dream.

Don’t forget that today is Mug Club Tuesday at Tapistry, and, starting at 4pm, Taco Tuesday.

Hopefully, Greebush will have beer available in the beer garden, aka The Greenbush Annex, by Thursday. Stay tuned for further details.


Well, here I am. Six hundred days with the end in site?

Don’t forget that The Livery is having their 9th anniversary celebration all day today. They’ll have special brews on tap, music and food. See you there!


Fridays are especially good when planning to go to four different brew-pubs. I’ll start with Arclight in Watervliet, followed by The Livery in Benton Harbor, then Tapistry in Bridgman, and ending today’s venture in Sawyer at Greenbush. Maybe I’ll see you at one or more of these places today.

Don’t forget today is the last day for mug club members to get a voucher for tomorrow’s bottle release at The Livery.


Just got the news that Greenbush’s Beer Garden is open. That’s the good news. The bad news is that there will be no beer sales there until late next week at the earliest. Bummer!

I’ll be meeting Bruce and John at Arclight Friday at 11am. If you are in the neighborhood, and not doing anything too important, then stop on by and enjoy some craft beer and conversation (I say that with tongue in cheek) with us.


I think after surviving a day of October in August that I deserve a beer. And, that’s about it, can’t think of anything else that I want to say at this moment.


What a crappy day! Must be time to go to Tapistry. Wait, I’m already here.

I would like to devote this post to Robin Williams. You are gone too soon. Cheers!

I know I’m a little lax in this, but I would like to share some pictures of my adventure at Burn ‘Em & Shoreline Breweries:

It’s Monday, as you may be painfully aware of, but not worries because there is so much going on today. Well, two things going on in my local area. Tapistry has $2 Tier III beers all day today for all patrons, mug clubbers or not. And, it’s Mug-Club-Monday at Greenbush. Also, don’t forget that The Livery is having their 9th anniversary celebration all day this Saturday. Mug Clubbers don’t forget to sign up for your bottle release voucher, which will be available starting Tuesday and continue through Friday.


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