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My buddy Chuck brought me some home made beer that his son, Brian, made. There are three varieties: A milk Stout, which I thought was too sweet; a Zombie Dust knock-off, which I thought was pretty good, although its flavors didn’t seem as complex as the real thing; and an ipa, which I haven’t tried yet. Considering that Brian is just getting into this brewing thang, I think his efforts are worthy. Cheers, Brian!

And, here’s the picture that I promised for you of Greenbush’s Raspberry Ale, One and the Same:

One and the Same raspberry ale

You gotta get down to Greenbush and have a pint of One and the Same, a raspberry ale. Wow! It’s so very tasty with the raspberries giving a slight tartness. Even the color is awesome.

I was going to upload a picture of my beer, but my server is not cooperating.
Take my word for it, the color is awesome!


I forgot to mention that Bruce, John & I had toured the Burn ‘Em Brewery, and we had a couple of samples of their wonderful beer. I don’t remember the styles, unfortunately, but they were all good, especially the coconut.

From there we went to Shoreline in Michigan City, which was interesting if not very good, too. I did find a citra pale ale that I liked very much, and the food was very good.

Today is much more mundane, but I’m still making the rounds between Tapistry and Greenbush.


It seems that if I complain then stuff starts to happen. Shortly after I had written my missive for yesterday, I went to Martin’s in Stevensville where I found Shorts’ Prolonged Enjoyment. Cool! Today I stopped by the Liquor Cabinet, to see if they had any Founders’ All Day IPA. They didn’t, but they did have a suggestion, or two, one of which was Paw Paw’s Citra Melon. I haven’t tasted it yet, but will this evening. Finally, I ended up at Meijer and, just by chance, checked their beer stock. Lo and behold, there was two cases of Founders’ All Day IPA!

And if that weren’t cool enough, it’s Mug-Club Tuesday at Tapistry where I’m enjoying a pint of their Hoponacci with Galaxy hops. Delicious! Don’t forget, too, that it’s Taco Tuesday, after 4pm. Keith does a great job with them; definitely worth a trip.

What a great day!


The beginning of the week brings a renewed search for Founder’s All Day IPA, or Shorts Prolonged Enjoyment. Will you please stop buying and drinking my beer!

This may help my longing for the above beers: Mug-Club Monday at Greenbush where they have a cherry porter on tap. I tried it yesterday, and today I take the full measure plunge. And, of course, there’s Tapistry’s deal of $2.00 pints on all Tier III beers. All of which gives me more to cry in.


I don’t know what happened to me yesterday, but one thing for sure is that I was missing, in action as far as this blog goes. So much for the past!

When parking in front of Greenbush today, I noticed that they have chairs in place at the new beer garden. Could next week’s opening still be true?


And some potted hop plants:


There are some new beers, at least to me, at The Livery. I’ll start with the session IPA, Farrier Ale, of which I had a pint. Light, hoppy, and satisfying to my pallet. Then there’s Tester IPA, Wee Heavy which is a Scotch Ale, an American Stout, and Funkalicious just came back on for you sour lovers.


I start this Friday at Arclight with a When World’s Collide, just like last Friday except that I’ll make a stop at The Livery on the way back, and I’m having just the one beer. I haven’t seen Mikey G in a while, so I have to get my Mikey-Time.


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