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Getting a taste of fall today; I even prepared just a little by buying a new snow blower. Kinda scary, isn’t it? But you gotta be prepared for the worse winter. None of that is a worry for now as I’m sitting at Tapistry, on Mug Club Tuesday, enjoying a Reactor. Then, as usual, is off to Greenbush to sample their fare. Just a little heads up: Greenbush’s beer garden has a different variety of their beers as compared to the main tap room, so if you don’t see want you want at one place just walk across the street.

Another picture from last weekend’s Weko Beer Fest:

picture of Wild Bill interview

Wild Bill Interviewing joe


Another rough and tumble day is beginning, which means I’ll be at Tapistry and then Greenbush to enjoy their Monday delights. Maybe I’ll see you one or both places?


tres rojas

Debbie and I did survive the Weko Beach Brewers Fest, but just barely. Of course, Matt, Kevin and Angie didn’t help much in that.


Where's the Witch?

Where’s the Witch?

Today is the big day for Greenbush! Today their beer garden is supposed to be serving beer. I’ll be over there in a little while to give you all the scoop.


The stock market is tanking, but I’m not getting tanked. Always a wise thing these days, I suppose. I am enjoying a “Bad Moon Horizon” at Tapistry though; at 5.2% abv will make it easy to stay on my feet.

You all know that the Weko Beach Brewers Fest is this week end, but did you know that Arclight has something going on that evening? I didn’t either until just now. The event is called Brewers Acoustic Series, and it’s in the evening so you can attend both events with no problem.


It was so nice and sunny, but the sun is now hiding. Kinda like me, I was hiding at Tapistry, where there was hardly a soul to be found except me and Olivia. Then my covert operation moved to Greenbush where the crowd is a little more dense, but not that much more, and the beer coasters are scarce. Either way, I’m enjoying the beer and the quiet.

A little bit of news to brighten the day: Tapistry will be serving soup some time in the near future. I’m pretty sure it won’t be out of the can, too.


This may sadden some of you, although I wouldn’t know exactly why: I poured out 13 cans of Genny Light from the Genesee Brewery. Me? I thought the beer suck BIG! Very BIG! So no tears from me. I just hope their other beers aren’t so bad, as if I’m going to be trying them any time soon.

Another Tuesday brings along another Mug Club day at Tapistry, plus it’s Taco Tuesday there, too. Get on board for some great food and beer!

I would be neglectful not to mention that it’s Mug Club day at The Livery, too. Don’t get up there as much as I used to, or may even should.


It’s Monday! And we all know what that means. Don’t We? I do know what it means to me. It means $2.00 pints from Tier I at Tapistry and Mug Club day (Half off Group A & B) at Greenbush.


Well, it seems that one of those buses from yesterday was loaded with a bunch assholes, or at least enough to make Greenbush’s servers wacky. WTF! how about a little courtesy when you drop in to a brew pub with 40+ people, unannounced and when the pub is already packed?


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