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What does happen when a large tour bus full of craft beer drinkers (Unannouced) show up after the pub is already packed? A lot of waiting and maybe some whining?


It’s here! Or should I say, it’ll be here after 4pm. What am I talking about? It’s Sixteen Tons in bottles and on tap at Tapistry. I’m going to try to finagle a couple of them before I leave. Wish me luck. At worse I’ll just back around 4 and do it the right way.


A lot of events going on this weekend: Artoberfest in Benton Harbor, and annual event held in the Arts District of downtown. I have been to past events and it’s a lot of fun.

Here’s one of which I have not attended, although Bruce says it’s makes for a fun afternoon: The Annual Fall Fest in La Porte, IN in the parking lot of Back Road Brewery. They’ll have beer there, of course, but the one thing that really stands out to me is the 35 piece German oompa band. Gotta be a lot of fun!

And last but not least: D, who is a bartender at Tapistry, (And, yes! That is the name she goes by) is getting married this weekend. Congratulations! And I hope it doesn’t rain on your ceremony.

While writing this post sitting at the bar in Tapistry, who stops in for a visit? Ayla from Greenbush and Simon from The Livery. Craft beer is such a great thing!


I did a little cleaning in my pantry this morning and organized my growlers, all 22 of them. I didn’t know I had that many. Yikes! I now have them organized in a large, metal, cabinet along with the few bombers that I have cellared. I guess it’s a beer vault.

I did try the Founders’ Mosaic Promise last night, and I thought it was very good. Certainly worthy of the $8.49 I spent for the six pack.

Nate, Tapistry’s head brewer, just showed me a bomber of Sixteen Tons, which is due for release at 4pm this Friday. The label art is by a local guy, who name wasn’t mentioned to me by Nate, that and the cool wax seal makes this a must have.


I bought a six pack Founders’ Mosaic Promise today from Meijer, on sale for $8.49, today. Olivia from Tapistry said it’s a wonderful beer. I have it chilling in the fridge as of now and will try it tonight or later in the week. Here’s hoping.

Speaking of beer (what else is there?), Tapistry will be releasing Sixteen Tons in bottles this Friday along with it, and last year’s version, on tap at the same time. I’m picking a couple of bottles up then, how about you?

It might seem a little chilly now, but that’s not going to stop Greenbush’s Second Annual Golf outing from occuring on the 28th of this month. More details can be found here: And, if you are a Mug Club member or attended last year’s event there’s a discount of $10. You’ll find the code in their newsletter.

Speaking of dropping some cash on a cause, how about buying one of these growlers from Tapistry for the Hops for Hope cancer research. The entire $5.00 goes to the research on cancer. Don’t forget to get a pint of ale and to fill the growler with a favorite beer.

Hops for Hope


It isn’t that hard to do, but I do seem not to do it. This time I’m going to blame Greenbush, just because they didn’t have Star Chicken Shotgun on tap after teasing me with it the day before.


Funny, I didn’t know what day it was in the continuing quest, the one that I should’ve ended a long time ago, but foolishly still follow. None of that will deter me from having great craft beer every or any day of the week.

If you have the time you should stop by Tapistry for a smoked turkey sandwich, the TLT (Keith is smoking a fresh batch as I write this and it smells so good!). And, if that’s not enough, happy hour starts at 4pm, I think. Even if you are a little early, though, I wouldn’t worry about.


On this thirteenth anniversary of 9/11 I raise my mug of Tapistry’s Lupilin Luv to all of those who were killed that day, as well as all of our brave soldiers and first responders who have kept us safe since then. And, let’s not forget those who have lost their lives serving their communities and country without regard to their own safety. Please don’t forget to take a few moments to remember.


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