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Break out your canoe and paddle, if you must, but do make sure to plan on being at Tapistry after 4pm today when they release Lupulin Luv. It’s their harvest ale made with 95 pounds of cascade hops freshly picked by them from a local grower. I had a taste of it a couple of days ago and think that it’s fricking great!

Well, this is a little bit embarrassing. Yesterday, I left Greenbush with out paying my tab, Bad, Bad, Boy! I did call them and explain the situation so let’s see what they’ll do to me when I show up a little later today.

Btw, Joe, one of the co-owners of Tapistry, was on tv early this morning. Check it out: Tapistry on TV.

And speaking of Tapistry, it’s Mug-Club Tuesday, so get your collective mugs down here and enjoy!


I hope everyone made it back safely from the UP Fall Beer Festival. Some day I’ll have to take the ride up there and see what the hubbub is about. For right now, though, I’ll just suffice on having $2-Tier III beers at Tapistry, and let’s not forget about Mug-Club-Monday at Greenbush. What a way to start the week!


Just two and a half hours to go to the launch of Burn the Witch in bottles at Tapistry. Better get in line ‘couse they are going to go fast.

And, just one more day until the UP Fall Beer Fest. I just checked the Brewer’s Guild website and there are still tickets left for purchase. Should be a fun event and the weather is supposed to cooperate, too.


I think I have had my head buried in a mash tun as I totally missed the fact that the UP Fall Beer Festival is this weekend. There are tickets still left, so don’t hesitate.

Tapistry is going to have their third bottle release this Friday. This time it’s going to be Burn the Witch. More details on their Facebook Page.

No one has claimed the Cascade hops, as of yet. Don’t pass them by as the price is right: Free!


Another Wednesday has come, which gets me wandering if Greenbush Annex is now licensed to pour beer.

Just got done speaking to Greg at Tapistry, who has informed that I will be pouring for some event in either KZoo or Grand Rapids some time in October. I’ll give you more information as soon as I find out all of the details. I did hear that one of the events will have zombies, so that should be drop-dead great!

Just another reminder that I have a bunch, a five gallon bucket full, of cascade hops for use by the first person who wants them.


The day after Labor Day finds me in my usual haunts, but with a few less patrons hanging out. School’s in, so I have to be more careful between stops. Don’t want to run into any rug rats on my way to Greenbush, don’t-you-know.

Btw, I do have a five gallon bucket full of Cascade hops. If any of you home brewers want some, just drop me a line, or respond to this post.


It figures that I would miss some one. Just to make sure that my time wasn’t spent idling: I was at Tapistry, Bruce and Todd, plus D, Olivia, Joe, Greg, Jamie, & Nate, know that, today. And, Greenbush, where I met up with Dennis and Kirk. Plus, I picked some hops before my wanderings. Don’t know what that means, but here it is:
Bucket of Cascades


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