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Monthly Archives: October 2014

It’s Halloween and this is no trick, the weather is brutal with strong winds and rain, and the possibility of some snow later tonight. You Ghouls be careful while carousing the neighborhoods.

Here’s something that has nothing to do with Halloween, but it may just be as scary a Yelp post and the subsequent reply by Scott:

Jerry S.
Clive, IA
0 friends
4 reviews

I would’ve given this 5 stars. BUT…
the brash, angry, loud heavy metal music ruined the great beer and food. What are you guys thinking?!?!?

It’s not a late night head banger club. You have a great atmosphere, great beer, and great food. ALL ruined by some sophomoric need to feed your lack in musical taste. Clearly you don’t understand marketing. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Lose the music and you will gain a much stronger following.

Written with sound mind and sober spirit.

THIS was my response from the owner.

Mr. Stoner

It sounds like you really didn’t like the music!  Like really really really didn’t like the music!!!  While I appreciate your attempts to help me define my business model and how I execute it, there’s a few points I should note.

1.  Don’t email people when you’ve been drinking.  I’m not sure what a “light night headbanger club” is.  I’m not sure what I’m feeding that I lack.  I’m not sure what “load the music means”.  We have an iPod? Maybe you mean “queue” the music?  Clearly, I also don’t understand english.

2.  When offering your high-minded criticism, using a term like “sophomoric” not only does not help get your point across but also serves as an oxymoronic juxtaposition to the thing you are complaining about. It makes you look….err, sophomoric.

3.  Yelp is for douchebags. Just like RateBeer, Trip Advisor, Beer Advocate and all those other troll-infested haunts.  I don’t much care if we get a hundred good reviews or a hundred bad reviews but damn am I glad we have sites like yelp as a means of giving a good darwinian pruning to the lower social order.  So I guess I take it back.  Yelp is awesome and as an added bonus now you get to have a voice, even if it is a very very tiny one that almost nobody hears.

4.  I don’t want a stronger following.  I’m out of room. If I get a stronger following there will be even worse issues finding places for people to sit.  People routinely suffered through a two hour wait while being treated to our ear splitting metal  so we put in the Annex across the street and now the wait is down to an hour.  Now you want me to change my music and go back to a two hour wait??? Clearly you understand marketing far better than I.

Maybe as a thanks for all your helpful advice I’ll put on Widespread Panic next time you’re in.  Or possibly you can talk to your fellow tastemakers and help me “load some music”.

Party on dude,

Party on dude,


I don’t think anything was resolved by all of the bickering, but it’s still a funny read.

PIcture of waves on Lake MI

Halloween Waves — Lake Michigan



Tonight at Tapistry is the chocolate/beer pairing for some of the few, lucky, mug club members. Also, there will be two different pumpkin ales on tap, one of which has peppercorns, thyme and habanero peppers. Tasty and spicy, indeed. I’ll be there, and so will Debbie.

I did tweet this, yesterday, but I’m going to mention it again, just because I can: The now vacant State Police station in Bridgman is to be converted in to a brewery by the founders of Haymarket, according to The Herald Palladium. I have only two thoughts on the matter: They better by good, which I think they will, and I hope they don’t have a negative effect on Tapistry.

For giving a bottle of Burn ‘Em’s Happy Brewdha to Phil at Tapistry, I got these, two bottles of Schlafly’s Tasmanian IPA:

Picture of bottles of beer

Schlafly’s Tasmanian IPA


Did something a little different from the usual; I went down to Michigan City and bought myself a case of Burn ‘Em’s Happy Brewdha, a double rice IPA (abv 8.2%), with seaweed called Nori, which is used in Sushi preparation. Weird! I haven’t tried it, yet, but look forward to a rewarding experience.

Picture of Happy Brewdha

Burn ‘Em’s Happy Brewdha


Seems that Tapistry is going to have a Saturday-How-to for learning to brew at home. In Nate’s own words:

“There are still spots available for the learn to home brew class this Saturday. So if you want to drink some beer and learn how to make it at the same time sign up via email at info@tapistrybrewing.com. Plus you get to hang with me (Nate) how bad can that be? Don’t answer that.”


Tuesday, which is the day after the best day of the week, is mug-club day at Tapistry. What makes that special, you may ask? Well, I tell you. It means that I can have a TierII beer for just $.50 more than TierIII, that what it means! You knew that already, didn’t you?

Speaking of Tapistry, they have not only decorated the place for Halloween, but also have put out two carved pumpkins, courtesy of Nate (The Head Brewer) & Ena (His wife).

Picture of Carved Pumpkins

Carved Pumpkins at Tapistry

And, as an after thought, don’t forget that’s it’s Taco Tuesday at Tapistry, too.


Everyone must be a little hungover from the Detroit Beer Fest, because both Tapistry and Greenbush are having a light day. Good for me. Bad for the bartenders. Don’t worry, it’s just one day. Btw, beware of Tim, who can direct a stream of water from the glass-rinsing-device right into your eye without batting an eye.


Out of sight, so out of mind. At least that’s what must have happened when I had forgotten all about the Fall Beer Fest in Detroit. For all of you who didn’t forget, it looks like the weather is perfect for an outdoor fest. Cheers and Enjoy!

Burn ‘Em Brewing is releasing their double rice india pale ale, “Happy Brewdha” in bottles. I don’t know where it will be available, so I would recommend contacting them directly. If I’m lucky maybe I’ll be able to finagle a bottle or three to try.

Last, but not least, I visited The Livery for the first time in a few months. Always good to see Mikey G and to have a couple of pints. I had an APA called “53 Miles”, which was very nice, but the beer that really stood out was a Scotch Ale called “Wee Heavy”. I usually don’t like beers in this style group, but this one was most satisfying. Keep up the good work, Livery! Check out their current beer menu (10-24-2014), below:

Picture of LIvery's Beer Menu

The Livery Beer Menu as of Oct 24, 2014


A bit of a change today: I’m starting my day of craft beer breweries and pubs at The Livery. See you there, if you dare.


Better hurry to Tapistry if you want to get a pint of “Bad Moon Horizon” for $3.00, because it’s getting foamy and low.

Looks like Burn ‘Em Brewery is expanding their operation with some additional fermenters.
Check out Burn ‘Em’s Facebook page for pictures and more details.

Tapistry is having a beer pairing with chocolates next Thursday, the day before Halloween. I really don’t know much beyond that, except the fact that I have already signed up for the event.

Speaking of Tapistry: I missed out on “Wurst Wednesday”, yesterday. If you did, too, then this is what we missed:
“WURST Wednesday is upon us! Starting at 4:00pm stop in to our tap room to enjoy a bratwurst combining curried lamb & pork sausage made with fresh red curry paste and coconut milk & caramelized onions. Deeeeelicious! Paired it with a cold craft brew and you’ll be glad you did.”


Picture of Tim & Bruce

Tim & Bruce at Bushels, Barrels & Pints Oh MI

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