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Just got the radar detector that I bought the other day, which got me thinking that there should be a craft beer detector. Any thoughts?

Debbie and I stopped in at Tapistry for their taco-Tuesday special. Good, as always. The only complaint I have is the food coloring they use for the tortillas makes it all the way through my digestive tract, if you know what I mean. Just a little disturbing in that I didn’t know why, at first, that was happening. I’m sure glad that they don’t dye their beers.

Picture of Spence posing

Spence being Spence


Is the number 666 really evil? Maybe I’ll drink a Founders’ “Devil Dancer” to ward off the demons. Just to make sure that the day doesn’t totally go to hell, I’m going to partake in Mug-Club-Tuesday at Tapistry (Maybe Taco Tuesday, as well), followed by a stop at Greenbush. Nothing really new, just a little more risky if you believe all that crap.

Picture of ice pumpkin

Ice Pumpkin (Front & Back) at Bushels, Barrels & Pints Oh MI


Time flies when having fun, and fun is what is going to happen today. You know the drill: Tapistry for $2.00 TierIII beers and then off to Greenbush for Mug-Club-Monday.

Picture of Crowd at BB & P in Niles

At the Height of the BB & P Festival in Niles


Fun at the “Bushels, Barrels & Pints, Oh MI” could have been more fun if more brewers had participated and more people had attended. With that in mind, Spence and I made the best of it, and I think the people who came by for a taste of Tapistry beer appreciated it.

Picture of not so crowded fest

What Crowd?

Two things, besides a sore and stiff ankle & a speeding ticket: I got some practical tips on photography from one of the beer tasters, and I learn a new word: diacetyl. It’s all good!


A couple of events going on that I know about this weekend: If you are up near Benton Harbor the Fall Art Hop is going on in the Arts District all day today, which includes The Livery; make sure to stop by and say HI to Mikey G.


In Niles the “Bushels, Barrels & Pints, Oh MI” festival we be held from 1-7pm tomorrow. You had better bundle up as it’s supposed to be windy, cloudy and cold. I’ll be there with Spence pouring beer for Tapistry, so maybe you should be, too.


It looks like Burn ‘Em Brewing will be opening a to-go/tasting room at their brewery in Michigan City.
The following is from their Facebook page:


“Some of you might already know, but last night we were approved by the zoning board of Michigan City to open a to-go shop at our brewery!

Now we get going with some small construction phases, and minor aesthetics to get our front room into a fully functional to-go/tasting hub.

What this means to you, is that in a few months, you’ll be able to stop by our production brewery and sample sweet nectar, purchase growlers, a rotating bomber choice, and/or cans to-go!

We want to thank everybody who came out to our zoning board meeting, and a special thanks to our neighbor Anastasia over at The Great Escape Spa & Art Shop for saying some kind words on our behalf.

Beers and cheers to the future!

Burn ‘Em!”


I can hardly wait!

Where did the day go? Oh, I know! Tapistry with Rex and Fluffy, drinking great beer and having some wonderful conversation. Then? Right! Off to Greenbush where I bump into Ken and Dave. No wonder I didn’t have time to make this post earlier in the day.


Gas is up and the stock market is down, but I’m not letting any of that get in my way. Tapistry, as usual, is my first stop; no guesses what will be my second and last stop of the day, because you all should know by now.

Saturday, Oct 18: That’s when Spence and I will be pouring for Tapistry at “Bushels, barrels & Pints, Oh MI”, stupid name, but we will be there any way. Where is it? You may ask? At Massimo’s Pizza in downtown Niles, that’s where. It goes from 1-7pm, and there will be bbq, music, wine, and a bags tournament. Hope to see you there!

A new batch of “Autonomous Unit” is being brewed this very moment at Tapistry. Nate has tweaked the recipe by adding more raisins and oats.

I know this Weko Beach Brewers fest pictures are starting to get stale, but this one I just have to post.

Picture of Matt and boat

Must be a Beer Dream


Paid $2.969 for gasoline this morning, must be time for a beer at Tapistry. Thankfully, it’s Mug-Club-Tuesday here, meaning I’m enjoying a “Reactor”. Also, I found out that there is a picture of me peeing in the woods after the Weko Beach Brewers Fest courtesy of Kevin, I hear tell. Thanks! Not!

Picture of the outside fest activities

Beautiful Day at the Fest


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