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Can’t blame anyone for this oversight, besides myself.

How about a picture of Scott getting some apple cider ready for fermenting? That’s right, you really don’t get a choice, so, with no further ado, here we go:

Picture of Scott pouring Cider

Scott, apple cider & a Beer


Finally it’s Friday’s!

Lab beer at Tapistry called “¿Duh and/or Hola?”. I tried and enjoyed.

I’m really being lazy, so lazy that typing is a chore. If that’s not pitiful, then I don’t know what is.


I’m a little bummed today. Yesterday I found out that my favorite talk show hosts had been replaced by Steve Dahl. Don’t get me wrong, I like Steve, just not as much as Roe Conn & Richard Roeper. Oh well, nothing that a black IPA can’t handle.

PIcture of Tapistry Taps

My view from the Tapistry Taps at Kzoo Oktober Beer Fest


It’s hump day. Need I say more? Maybe so, but this is all you are going to get today.

PIcture of Round Barn tap trailer

Round Barn at the KZoo Oktober Beer Fest


This just occurred to me: I have a bunch of watermelons that I just picked from my garden, so the question is there a way to incorporate them in the beer brewing process? Or, has any of you most devoted subscribers already done so? I await the answer to this most perplexing and important question.

This isn’t as perplexing: There’s soup on at Tapistry, just in time for the fall season. I’m now tasting a creamy, smoked heirloom tomato, and cherry bomb pepper soup. It will definitely warm the soul and satisfy the tongue.

Picture of Final Gravity

Final Gravity Brewery at KZoo Oktober Fest


It’s Monday, which means me and all two of my followers know what that means. Before I go and enjoy the benefits of the day, I would like to correct an over sight made by me. Yesterday I had congratulated Tapistry for winning a Bronze medal from GABF. Well, I forgot to mention their head brewer, Nate Peck (Maybe it’s because he’s a Packers fan and I’m a Bears Fan, even though the Bears SUCKED BIG against Carolina, yesterday). Congratulations to Nathan Peck for his “Peck’s Porter” winning a Bronze Medal in the category “Robust Porter”, it’s well deserved. Nate brews many other styles, one or more of which may be a future winner of an award. I give them all kudos!

Picture of Nate Peck

Nate Peck, Tapistry’s Head Brewer


Cold, windy, mostly cloudy, & crappy with a driving rain on the way home, that basically sums up my time at the KZoo Oktober Beer fest. Oh, btw, I did have a good time, and the not-so-large crowd seem to have had fun, too. Tapistry got the thumbs up as the best brewer there, at least from some of the attendees. And, while there, Greg and Joe, owners of Tapistry, got the news that their “Peck’s Porter” had won a bronze medal at the Great American Beer Festival held last weekend. Congratulations!

Another little note I would like to add is the Basil mostly replacing hops (Holy Basil) in a beer by Pleasant House, courtesy of Gloria their head brewer. I don’t know what style it was supposed to be, but I thought it tasted much better than I had anticipated.

I did take some pictures, none of which were all that great, with that in mind, I’ll still post a pic a day anyway. So here we go:

PIcture of Pleasant House Stand

Gloria’s on the Right


Today I get out of my small sphere and go to Kalamazoo to pour for Tapistry at the KZoo Oktober Fest. It’s going to be cold, windy and wet, so if you are going make sure to dress accordingly. I know I am going to be bundled up good!

One more picture from last weekend’s Weko Brewers Fest:

Picture of rowdies

Fun in the Sun


The weather is too crappy to just stay home and do nothing, so why don’t you get out and visit your favorite brew-pub. If you are adventuresome try a brewery you haven’t yet had the chance to visit. That’s one of my short comings, as well as a bunch of others, I do tend to stay in the zone of comfort.

If anyone has figured out how to be in two places at the same time, would you please post that on this site.

And now for the picture of the day from last weekend’s Weko Brewers Fest, and maybe the last as I might have a new batch of pictures from this weekend’s actiivities:

Picture of Bud Van

How did that get here?


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