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Monthly Archives: October 2014

I was a little premature in my prediction of crappy weather, so in celebration I’m now sitting in Greenbush’s beer garden to type this-here-blog-entry. It doesn’t hurt a bit that they have “Star Chicken Shotgun” on this side of Sawyer Road, either.

What’s up with The Livery’s website? I have been trying to get some information off their home page, but all I get is a “Web Site Maintenance” static page. It’ seems like someone has spilt their beer on this one.

Don’t forget that I’ll be pouring for Tapistry at KZoo’s Oktober Fest this coming Saturday. Make me feel important by stopping by and saying Hi!

Posted and forgot to put up the picture of the day from this past weekend’s Weko Brewer’s Fest. So here we go:

Picture of T-Shirt

God Loves Beer


Enjoy the nice weather while it’s here, ’cause it’s going to change radically in the next few days. The good thing is that craft beer will not be affected, it may even taste better, who knows?

Looks like I’ll be pouring for Tapistry this Saturday at the Kalamazoo Oktober fest, so if you’re in the area stop on by and say Howdy!

Now for the picture of the day from this past weekend’s Weko Beer Fest:

Picture of Simon

Simon, Livery’s Head Brewer


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